Insomniac’s Spider-Man Co-op Game Looks Incredible In LeakedĀ Trailer

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Why Was This 5 Player Co-op Game Canceled?

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  • Insomniac was planning a co-op multiplayer Spider-Man game at one point, but it was canceled.
  • A trailer of the standalone game has appeared online, and it looks full of potential.
  • It raises questions about PlayStation’s decision to cancel a project with so much potential.

Insomniac has been providing great games and has been the biggest asset to PlayStation this generation. Its latest release, Spider-Man 2, broke new records and sold 10 million units, competing with the best of the genre.

Last year’s leaks from the developer confirmed its plans to expand the franchise with a co-op Spider-Man game set in the same universe. While this project was canceled before it could begin development, a new leaked trailer shows it had a lot of potential.

Why it matters: Co-op was a highly requested feature for Spider-Man 2 after Insomniac confirmed the ability to switch between Peter and Miles during gameplay.

This trailer was shared on Reddit and comes from the same leak that revealed much of Insomniac’s roadmap.

The trailer looks so incredible that it raises questions about Sony’s decision. Looking at the footage, it appears to use the same assets from Insomniac’s past releases. Therefore, combat animations, swinging, and other core elements are nearly identical.

However, where this trailer shines is the co-op demonstration. Insomniac’s footage highlights multiple Spider-Men swinging through New York, teaming up to beat foes, and more.

It seems the trailer was created as a pitch for Sony, but it already shows the endless fun a co-op Spider-Man game could offer.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Features Numerous Suits

The gameplay also features villains like Doc Ock, Mysterio, and Venom alongside your friends. It highlights what appear to be rifts, which are part of The Great Web. These might have been explorable places, possibly introducing mini-games into the mix.

It is still unclear why Insomniac or PlayStation decided to cancel this standalone co-op game. As part of PlayStation’s live-service push, it could have been the perfect release for fans of the Web-Slinger.

The current theory is that Disney’s royalties are the major reason behind this cancelation. Others have also speculated that Insomniac lacks the manpower to support and sustain this type of large-scale project.

Whatever the case may be, we hope to see some form of co-op in Spider-Man 3. Meanwhile, the team is working on a Venom standalone game, and Marvel’s Wolverine is targeting a 2025 release window.

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