Dragon’s Dogma 2 Devs Have No Plans To Add Multiplayer

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Pure Single Player RPG Experience From Capcom!

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  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a single-player game at its core.
  • This game is quite different from its predecessor in many ways, but it retains the first game’s single-player nature.
  • The developers aren’t planning to add any multiplayer to the game.

Capcom is set to debut its first $70 game this month. In many ways, this game is similar to its predecessor, including the overall length. However, Capcom has also made several changes to the formula.

Despite the differences, both games remain committed to a single-player RPG experience. According to Capcom, there are no plans to add multiplayer to the title.

Why it matters: Many publishers, including EA and Warner Bros, have begun to focus on live service elements. However, Capcom seems to be an outlier in the industry for the time being.

Dragon's Dogma 2
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Features A Much Bigger Open World Than The First Game

During a recent interview with Automation Media, the title’s producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, and director, Hideaki Itsuno, talked about multiple game features.

When asked about a potential multiplayer addition to the RPG, the director of the game stated that Capcom is not thinking of adding multiplayer features to the game.

The concept of the original game was to incorporate fun gameplay elements while removing all the hassles of online games.

– Hideaki Itsuno

He acknowledged the positives of online games, but Capcom set out to create a purely offline experience with Dragon’s Dogma 2. Therefore, in this instance, the sequel is similar to its predecessor.

While the concept of a co-op experience in a massive open-world RPG sounds enticing, director Hideaki Itsuno intends to deliver on his original vision without forcing a tacked-on multiplayer.

Interestingly, multiplayer has been a highly-requested feature for Dragon’s Dogma 2. Fans on platforms like Reddit have argued that multiplayer would fit right in with the game, making it more enjoyable to experience.

However, not everyone agrees with this sentiment.

Dragon's Dogma 2
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Features Over 1,000 NPCs

Dragon’s Dogma 2 appears to be all set for a massive release this month. In addition to incredibly positive previews, the game’s current progress puts it among the top sellers on Steam, hinting at the excitement around the RPG.

While it may be Capcom’s first $70 game, this price point seems to be a small deal for everyone looking forward to the title.

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