Dragon’s Dogma 2 Is The First $70 Capcom Title; Also Includes Denuvo

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Capcom Joins $70 Club After Many Years!

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  • A new Dragon’s Dogma 2 showcase recently revealed the game is scheduled for 22 March 2024.
  • It has become the first title from Capcom to be released at the $70 price tag.
  • The game will also include Denuvo DRM on PC.

Capcom has been making steady progress on Dragon’s Dogma 2 since early 2023. This game has received various trailers and gameplay demos this year, and the publisher’s latest showcase has confirmed an early 2024 launch.

As one of the biggest titles of the Japanese publisher, this title is making more than a few changes. Capcom is finally ready to transition to $70 games, and the studio has picked Dragon’s Dogma 2 for this transition.

Why it matters: The $70 price tag has recently become a new standard for games, but Capcom was one of the few publishers still selling brand-new AAA titles below this price tag.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Price
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 marks the first Capcom release at the $70 price tag. This RPG from director Hideaki Itsuno will be released on 22 March, but the pre-orders have already gone live.

Apart from the base edition for $70, those interested in the game can pay $80 to secure the Deluxe Edition. As pointed out earlier, Capcom sold games like Resident Evil 4 at $60 until recently.

While this remake was one of the biggest releases in 2023, many fans were pleased that the publisher did not follow suit with the $70 price tag. Apart from Capcom, Nintendo recently introduced $70 prices with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Following the showcase, Denuvo DRM has also been confirmed for Dragon’s Dogma 2. This is typically an unpopular choice, but Capcom is one of the many studios that don’t shy away from using the DRM.

Still, the Japanese publisher has been known to remove the DRM after the initial launch excitement wears off.

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Not long ago, Haruhiro Tsujimoto from Capcom stated that he felt game prices were too low. He explained that the cost of development has grown much higher, but the price of the software has stayed consistent.

Therefore, this price increase was inevitable for the company. However, this could mean Capcom is confident in Dragon’s Dogma 2, leading to high hopes for this release.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is also the first current-gen-only game from the Japanese gaming giant. While the likes of Resident Evil 4 were available on PS4, this RPG will skip last-gen hardware for seamless exploration and jaw-dropping visuals.

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