Diablo 4 Survey Hints At Expansion Prices Up To $100

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Blizzard Wants All Your Money!

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  • Diablo 4 has received mixed reactions so far due to controversial decisions.
  • A leaked survey from Blizzard hints that the studio is considering expansions priced up to $100.
  • This price would include additional perks like Legendary Aspects with early access.

Diablo 4, while being a critical hit for Blizzard, has been a controversial release. With over 12 million players and the title of Blizzard’s fastest-selling release, this game is far from a failure, but fan opinions may suggest otherwise.

The game has been review-bombed multiple times, being greeted by upset fans after its recent Steam release last month. With the microtransactions being a clear point of contention, users might not like a recent leak about this ARPG.

According to a leaked survey, Blizzard may have planned expansion prices as high as $100.

Why it matters: Prices for add-ons and microtransactions have skyrocketed recently. While players are fine with such prices in free-to-play games, full-priced releases have also shown a willingness to follow this trend.

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As shared by Bellular News, a leaked survey shows Blizzard’s internal plans for Diablo 4. The studio has set various price points for future expansions, contemplating prices ranging from $49.99 to $99.99.

While $100 for the highest tier might sound insane to some, the survey clarifies that it would include additional benefits to justify the price. This could include early access to Functional Items, with Blizzard citing access to a Legendary Aspect before the expansion’s release as an example.

Other tiers would include similar benefits to justify their price. While cosmetic items are the most acceptable form of microtransactions today, this survey suggests Blizzard plans to go one step further.

The much-requested Stash Space is listed as a perk for two of the tiers in this survey. This has already been a requested feature by players, so this type of inclusion would likely spur anger within the community.

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While these changes are still theoretical in nature, a survey can often become the first step toward major decisions for games. As Bellular News points out:

“Obviously, this is something Blizzard is looking into. This is an idea they have.”

The first official Diablo 4 expansion is coming in 2024. Vessel of Hatred will expand the lore and add new gameplay options, but its price point and an exact release date are yet to be announced.

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