Diablo 4 Achieves Huge Milestone With 12 Million Players

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Over 1.3 Billion Hours Played!

Diablo 4 has been a phenomenal success for Blizzard Entertainment. The game had a record-breaking beta and, upon release, generated more than $666 million in less than a week.

Last month, the studio revealed Diablo 4 had amassed a staggering 10 million players, and during Gamescom, Producer Rod Fergusson revealed that the game had officially reached more than 12 million players.

Why it matters: Diablo 4 has been one of the quickest and best-selling games of 2023. It is also the latest entry in the series, with Blizzard Entertainment releasing a sequel to Diablo 3 a decade later.

Given that Diablo 4 was only released in June, this marks a significant milestone for the game.

Recently, the game also saw a wave of negative reviews and bad press after a few questionable decisions from Blizzard Entertainment. Had this not been the case, Diablo 4 may have reached an even larger audience.

The update nerfed several classes and made the game less enjoyable for players who liked weaker classes. This led to plenty of backlash, and a plethora of negative Metacritic reviews resulted in the user score falling to 2.6.

However, Blizzard Entertainment was quick to address the concerns. The studio later held a campfire chat to acknowledge the problems and ensure the community that the changes would be reverted.

Despite the controversy, Diablo 4 remained the second best-selling game in the US and the fourth best-selling game in Europe last month.

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Apart from the new milestone, Blizzard Entertainment has shared an update for the future of Diablo.

Gamescom debuted the trailer for season 2, which is set for an October 17 launch. The Season of Blood promises exciting new content for the successful game.

Nonetheless, Diablo 4 has unquestionably been a huge success for Blizzard Entertainment, as evidenced by the game’s user base, which is still expanding along with the number of new players immersed in the Diablo universe.

The game is also known as the fastest-selling Blizzard title, and Rod Fergusson confirmed that players have clocked in over 1.3 billion hours of playtime in the latest addition to the Diablo IP.

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