PlayStation Partners With NCSoft For Mobile Gaming Focus

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Focusing On Mobile Industry For Expansion!

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  • Sony has just partnered with the NCSoft.
  • This partnership will help the company expand PlayStation beyond its current market, making it a bigger part of the mobile industry.

Sony has just announced a strategic partnership with the South Korean publisher NCSoft, which has published titles like Guild Wars, Blade & Soul, and more.

The gaming giant confirms this partnership is a strategic move meant to help it gain more influence in other markets, including the mobile gaming industry.

Why it matters: The mobile industry has grown much bigger in recent years. Rivals like Xbox are aiming for a bigger presence in this industry, so this partnership will allow PlayStation to prepare for the competition.

PlayStation Partners NCSoft
Source: Sony

In an official blog post on Sony’s website, the company announced a partnership with NCSoft. While very limited information was shared, one key point mentioned was about the mobile industry. The blog states:

“NCSOFT and SIE will collaborate in various global business fields, including mobile.”

Both companies hope to deliver fresh experiences through this collaboration. Since PlayStation does not have as large of a presence in Korea, this move could help it increase its influence in other parts of the world.

Like Xbox, PlayStation appears to be targeting expansion as an ecosystem. According to CEO Jim Ryan, this partnership is meant to enable PlayStation’s reach to grow beyond just console gaming.

Last year, Sony was hiring developers to bring more of its IPs to mobile gaming. Job listings earlier this year also hinted that the multiplayer Horizon game may arrive on mobile devices.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft recently gained ownership of massive mobile IPs. The likes of Candy Crush and Call of Duty Mobile now fall under the Xbox division after the company’s latest merger was completed.

With major industry players pursuing an increased mobile gaming focus, the future of PlayStation and Xbox could change drastically by the next generation.

If this collaboration succeeds, NCSoft’s work could help PlayStation improve its console offerings, with both companies benefiting from the revenue stream of the mobile gaming market.

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