Naughty Dog Says Other Projects In Development; Hinting At New IP

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Refused To Comment On Last of Us Multiplayer!

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  • The Last of Us Multiplayer has been in trouble after Naughty Dog’s recent silence about the game.
  • Neil Druckmann has refused to comment on the current state of this project.
  • However, the developer alluded to a new upcoming IP from Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us Multiplayer was initially planned for The Last of Us Part 2. However, this project grew into a solo game later on, encouraging Naughty Dog to take its time with the stand-alone title.

In recent years, things have not gone well for the game. The studio faced layoffs recently and delayed the project. After months of no updates, Neil Druckmann was recently asked about the game in an interview.

However, the developer refused to say anything.

Why it matters: The lack of a comment does not inspire confidence. This likely means that the project is in trouble, as the reports suggested.

The Last of Us Multiplayer

During a recent interview with EW, the president of Naughty Dog was questioned about the studio’s multiplayer project, but he refused to comment on the title. Neil Druckmann was upfront and said:

“no update.”

While recent leaks have suggested the game is still in development, it seems to be going through a rough period. Still, the developer had an encouraging update about the future of Naughty Dog.

When Neil Druckmann was asked about The Last of Us, he didn’t comment on the IP’s future. He claims the team is focused on the recently announced The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered for now, but there are a few more surprises in store.

Neil Druckmann said:

“We have other projects in the works at Naughty Dog.”

Therefore, it appears Naughty Dog has a new IP in development.

 Last of Us Multiplayer

We believe that a new IP will be crucial for Naughty Dog this generation. The studio is in severe need of variety apart from The Last of Us, but Neil Druckmann did not shy away from explaining the importance of this IP for the team.

As for the multiplayer project, while it seems to be in trouble, we hope the developers at Naughty Dog are able to pull themselves together.

With multiple possibilities, a new IP could be the best way forward for Naughty Dog.

The last time this studio delivered a new franchise, it changed the trajectory of PlayStation as we knew it in 2013. Therefore, a similarly impactful IP would be a nice change of pace for this studio after various re-releases of The Last of Us.

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