Samsung Announces 20% Quarterly Price Increase For NAND Memory

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Higher Profits For Samsung!

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  • Samsung has announced a 20% price hike for NAND Flash memory.
  • Combining this price hike with limited production, the company hopes to raise prices and gain more profits through firm control over the memory market.
  • Products like smartphones, laptops, and more will be affected by the price hike.

Previously, there have been many rumors about the price increase of SSDs and mobile phone memory. Samsung has now confirmed that it will increase the price of NAND Flash memory by 20%.

Basically, the price of all the products using this type of memory will go up.

Why it matters: NAND Flash memory is very popular, implying that the cost of any gadget using soldered NAND Flash memory or an SSD will go up. Consoles, laptops, smartphones, and more will be impacted by this announcement.

Samsung SSD – Image Credits [Pinterest]
Samsung had already increased prices last quarter, but its latest announcement confirms the price increase will last for two additional quarters.

According to the memory analyst TrendForce, suppliers are already accounting for the impact of this announcement. The price of enterprise SSD contacts will go up by a maximum of 10% after Samsung’s decision.

A similar trend is expected for the average consumer. The mobile sector, in particular, will be hit hard by these decisions. The report estimates an approximate 13-18% price hike for mobile DRAM and up to 15% price uplift for mobile memory types like eMMC and UFS.

These price uplifts should continue into Q1 2024. Ultimately, such decisions will allow Samsung to control the market through curbed supply and increased demand, leading to higher profits for the company.

In addition to Samsung, the CEO of ADATA expects a promising era for the memory market due to increasing prices.

Still, the impact on the consumer market remains to be seen. With memory still being quite cheap, now might be the best time to make any long-awaited purchases before these changes begin to show their impacts.

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