iPad Pro M2 Impresses With Resident Evil Village At 2K Res

Apple Serious About Gaming!

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  • Apple is more serious than ever about the gaming industry.
  • Resident Evil Village is among the games spearheading Apple’s commitment to the industry, running quite well on devices like the iPad Pro M2.

Apple has started to make great advances in the realm of gaming. With the goal of making the iPhone the best gaming device, the company has brought the likes of Resident Evil Village and Assassin’s Creed Mirage to its devices.

Initial comparisons show Resident Evil Village holds up quite well in the transition to this mobile device. However, the iPad Pro M2 can deliver even better results in this game, showing impressive image quality.

Why it matters: This gameplay video showcases the potential for portable gaming in the future, pointing to the eventual possibility of console-level gaming on the go.

The footage shared by SJV shows Resident Evil Village at high graphics quality on the iPad Pro M2.

The current Resident Evil games require a significant amount of VRAM memory and can be quite demanding for desktop GPUs with 8 GB of memory. Therefore, the iPad’s 16 GB of unified memory comes in handy.

Resident Evil Village consumes a total of 11.7 GB at these settings. The iPad Pro M2 also runs at a resolution of 2732×2048, which is much more demanding than the typical 2560×1440 resolutions associated with 1440p or 2K displays.

Still, with the RE Engine’s optimization and Apple’s impressive silicon, the game does not disappoint. While the user did not provide exact frame rates, he claimed that Resident Evil Village ran smoothly.

The video doesn’t show any stuttering or hitching either, though that may be due to the limited duration of the footage, which would prevent any potential thermal throttling.

Although Apple has come a long way, portable gaming is inherently limited compared to PC or console gaming. Therefore, gamers should not expect high frame rates or the best graphics possible with these devices.

While the iPad Pro M2 supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, 60FPS is currently the target to aim for with this type of hardware.

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