Separate Category For Remakes Being Considered By Game Awards

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Should Remakes Get Their Own Category?

Story Highlights
  • A remake has been nominated for Game of the Year in 2023, leading to a debate about remakes being considered for nominations.
  • Geoff Keighley suggests he has already considered a separate category for remakes/remasters at The Game Awards.
  • This category would be troublesome since the host might not be able to find 5 games worth nominating every year.

This time of the year is always exciting for gamers. For the past decades, The Game Awards have brought exciting new announcements in December, and the anticipation of the Game of the Year also makes this event worth looking forward to.

While Game of the Year is the biggest category of the event, it features various awards for categories like best sports games, best action-adventure games, and more. However, in 2023, another category has been requested.

With the nomination of Resident Evil 4 for Game of the Year, fans have argued remakes should not be considered for this award. On this note, Geoff Keighley suggests he has considered a separate category for remakes and remasters.

Why it matters: A new category for remakes and remasters could be a nice middle-ground, entirely solving the debate about remakes being considered for Game of the Year.

YouTube video

During a recent Q&A, Geoff Keighley was asked about the possibility of a new category dedicated to remakes/remasters. He responded:

“We’ve talked about it. Nothing new this year, but it’s something we talk about every year.”

He explained that the major challenge of introducing such a category comes from the fact that the host would need at least five remakes/remasters worth being nominated every year.

While 2023 has had the likes of Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Metroid Prime, and more, this type of variety and quality is not seen for re-releases in the industry every year.

Therefore, despite discussions, The Game Awards staff has not come to a conclusion on this subject yet.

The Game Awards 2023

Geoff Keighley suggests that 2023 will motivate the team behind The Game Awards to consider this subject again.

With remakes of Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 expected next year, the host might face the challenge of nominating remakes for Game of The Year again in 2024.

The Game Awards are scheduled for 8 December. This year’s event is shaping up to be the most exciting in the last decade, with competitors like Baldur’s Gate 3, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Alan Wake 2 duking it out for the various categories.

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