Fans Believe Watch Dogs Was Better Than Everyone Gave It Credit For

Received More Hate Than It Deserved!

Story Highlights
  • Fans believe that Watch Dogs is one of those games that received unwarranted hate.
  • Many players expected it to be revolutionary, and Ubisoft set unrealistic expectations, but this led to disappointment.
  • Watch Dogs can be a brilliant experience as long as players avoid the plethora of side quests and focus on the main story.

The original Watch Dogs received a lot of hate back when it launched in 2014. However, many fans agree that the hate was unwarranted. The game offers players a rich narrative based on revenge and modern hacking dynamics.

But fans believe unlocking maximum enjoyment doesn’t come from countless side quests or radiant missions. Instead, Watch Dogs thrives on a strategic approach, putting the main story front and center.

Why it matters: The original Watch Dogs is often dismissed based on early impressions. However, despite the hate, the game itself is quite enjoyable and delivers a compelling storyline.

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In a crowded industry with poorly planned games and sketchy business moves, bad press can seriously hurt any title, warranted or not. These critiques often steer players away before they even try a game.

A Reddit post shook up this view by asking gamers about games they liked despite general negativity. One game that caught attention was Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s open-world hacking gem that got early flak for misleading marketing – much like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

The general consensus among the fans is that the game was rightly criticized for misleading them with advanced visuals before it came out. However, most now believe there’s more to it than downgraded graphics.

Fans love the interesting story, unique gameplay, and the appeal of a not-so-likable protagonist. One Reddit user said:

“Bought it day 1. No regrets”

Another fan added:

“WD1 has an amazing atmosphere and mood, and you feel like a hacking John Wick. I absolutely love it!”

Some fans found the side quests in the game distracting.

Ubisoft, famous for packing games with lots of side missions, did the same with Watch Dogs. While all those QR codes, dead drops, and extra missions might look tempting, they can complicate and weaken the main story.

The real trick to enjoying the game is to resist getting sidetracked by these extras and stay focused on the main narrative.

Furthermore, it seems many fans admire the open world of the original Watch Dogs.

The game lets players ignore completionist urges. By focusing on the main story and skipping side quests, players can enjoy the game without getting stuck in repetitive quests.

Even though it started with bad reviews, it seems Watch Dogs is now a beloved game for many. The sequel got even better reviews, and the third one was well-received by both players and critics.

In the end, once heavily criticized, this game has become a win for Ubisoft, proving the value of giving games a fair shot before making judgments.

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