The Last of Us Multiplayer Still In Development At Naughty Dog

Director Provides Clarification After Reports of Cancelation!

Story Highlights
  • Naughty Dog recently faced layoffs.
  • Reports claimed The Last of Us Multiplayer had been canceled after these layoffs.
  • The project director has confirmed that this is not the case.

Naughty Dog is one of the many PlayStation studios working to produce 10 live service games for Sony by 2026. The studio is leveraging its popular IP, The Last of Us, for a multiplayer-focused entry.

However, the development of The Last of Us Multiplayer has been far from smooth, with reliable leakers stating that Naughty Dog put the project on hold after it faced layoffs recently.

This led to concerns from fans, but the game’s director has recently confirmed that the project is not dead.

Why it matters: This announcement has relieved many fans who were concerned about the future of this project and years of lost progress for the studio.

The revelation came through a tweet from director Vinit Agarwal, saying that The Last of Us Multiplayer is still in the works.

Previously, a report suggested that the game had been canceled after multiple layoffs and a lack of clear direction. However, this tweet has cleared all the misconceptions, putting any doubts to rest.

It is reported that Bungie asked Naughty Dog to consider a new direction for the game. This has likely resulted in a major delay, but the studio is still focused on delivering an immersive multiplayer experience in the threatening universe of The Last of Us.

Unfortunately, Bungie appears to be going through a tough period of its own, struggling to retain talent amid the poor reception of recent Destiny 2 content. Nonetheless, it is good to see that this project is still alive since the studio has already spent so many years on it.

The Last of Us

Apart from the multiplayer game, Naughty Dog is busy with a remaster of The Last of Us Part 2. A third entry for the series is also in development, leading to excitement for the studio’s future.

The developer appears committed to delivering a multiplayer experience that lives up to Naughty Dog’s legacy. According to previous information, this game may include 40-player matches, providing a glimpse at the team’s ambitions for this release.

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