Starfield’s Big Update Sounds Promising, But Is It Too Late?

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A Glimmer of Hope, or Too Little, Too Late?

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  • Starfield’s latest update delivers some long-overdue fixes: 60FPS on Xbox Series X, visual customization options, and less intrusive NPC conversation views.
  • The planned addition of ground vehicles hints at improving the limited traversal options.
  • However, the lack of meaningful updates in the past has hurt player trust and driven many away from the game.

Starfield, Bethesda’s ambitious sci-fi RPG, launched with the weight of the galaxy on its shoulders. Unfortunately, the initial experience proved less than amazing for many.

Performance issues, clunky mechanics, and a general sense of emptiness plagued its vast universe. Fans held out hope, but as months passed, hopes faded away. Many fans seem to have accepted that Starfield is just a mediocre game built on an outdated engine.

Now, nearly a year later, a major update promises changes. But the real question lingers: can Starfield be saved?

Why it matters: With Starfield’s player base down by 97% in the last six months, fans hope this big update will bring them back to the game.

Starfield New Update
Starfield’s new update has many new features, yet the core design remains problematic.

New Features in the Update

Let’s break down the good news first. The update tackles some major issues with the game and adds new features.

Xbox Series X players finally get a 60 FPS performance mode โ€“ a welcome relief from the choppy 30 FPS standard. This update also brings an option to prioritize visuals or performance.

The change in NPC conversation camera angles is smaller but significant.  I always felt the forced close-ups were jarring and broke immersion. Choosing a more cinematic, zoomed-out view is a great quality-of-life improvement, especially because it hides Bethesda’s less-than-stellar facial animations.

Furthermore, ground vehicles, though slated for a later update, signal a hopeful shift. Traversal in those wide-open planets felt tedious with just a slow jetpack. However, these core updates, while welcome, leave me with a bittersweet feeling.

Where was this level of focus at launch? Starfield’s release felt agonizingly premature, its half-baked state tarnishing the game’s reputation in the eyes of many. Fans who purchased Starfield on day one have been incredibly patient and vocal about what they want to be fixed.

Unfortunately, the lackluster post-launch support from Bethesda has eroded trust within the community.

Starfield Ship Customization Options
Players can now customize their ships’ interiors in a way that is similar to that of outposts.

Starfield’s Big Problems Still Remain

Where’s the life in Starfield’s universe? Sure, there are outposts and NPCs around, but they just don’t seem alive. Conversations lack depth, factions feel shallow, and everything stays oddly still. For a game built on exploration, these populated areas feel incredibly dead.

Now, let’s talk about the gameplay. Crafting and exploring can be fun, sure. But when it comes to combat, it’s not so exciting, and the rewards players find out there aren’t all that great.

The game needs to give players real motivation to leave their ships and explore those dark caves or deserted stations. Right now, though, the reasons to leave the ship are few and far between.

This update seems like Bethesda is scrambling to fix things that should’ve been sorted before the game came out. It’s great that they’re acknowledging problems, but nearly a year is a long time in gaming.

Many players have already moved on, and I am unsure if they’ll return. I am not sure what the vehicle update will bring, but a couple of hoverbikes won’t solve the game’s fundamental problems.

The success of this update will hinge not only on its quality but on Bethesda’s continued commitment to evolving Starfield. Regular updates with meaningful changes, new features that matter, and reaching out to the community are all keys to winning back trust.

Starfield Funny Bugs
The game is still plagued with funny bugs despite multiple patches.

Can Bethesda Bring Starfield Back to Life?

So, here’s the big question โ€“ is this the beginning of Starfield’s comeback, or just a quick fix to make it bearable? Are these updates paving the way for bigger, more significant improvements?

Bethesda has a track record of reviving struggling games (look at The Elder Scrolls Online or Fallout 76), but can they pull it off again? Let’s face it โ€“ this update doesn’t measure up to No Man’s Sky or Cyberpunk’s incredible turnaround.

Hello Games and CDPR took games that were once a joke and transformed them into huge hits loved by many. Sure, it took years for those studios to fix their releases, but there were indications that the developers were dedicated.

I really want to have faith in this. I mean, the core concept of Starfield is incredible, and I can’t deny the ambition behind it. But ambitions don’t automatically make great games.

If Bethesda really wants to rescue Starfield, they’ve got to come up with some major, game-changing updates. These little tweaks might bring back a few players who’ve drifted away, but it will take a lot more to win over a skeptical audience.

The clock is ticking, Bethesda. I’m rooting for Starfield, but the galaxy is vast, and gamers have many other worlds to explore.

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