Starfield 60FPS Xbox Series S|X Mode Officially Announced By Bethesda

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Bethesda Also Working On Land Vehicles!

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  • Starfield was criticized for skipping 60FPS on Xbox Series S|X consoles.
  • The next major update for the game has revealed a much-awaited 60FPS mode for the consoles.
  • Bethesda is also working on land-driven vehicles for future updates.

Starfield has emerged as another noteworthy title from Bethesda, enriching its already esteemed library of games. The RPG has garnered praise worldwide for its portrayal of the universe and its many strengths.

However, Starfield faced problems that impacted the overall experience, including the absence of 60FPS on the Xbox Series X|S. Following feedback, Bethesda has been working hard to fix the game’s shortcomings and make it an even better experience.

Alongside other fixes, the studio has confirmed a 60FPS mode for the RPG.

Why it matters: In today’s gaming landscape, 60FPS has become the industry standard, and its absence can negatively impact consumer perception of new AAA releases.

YouTube video


Bethesda has released an in-depth video providing insights into the next major update for the title, set to launch on May 15th. The video unveiled a wealth of information, including the highly anticipated addition of a 60FPS mode for the Xbox Series X|S.

It has announced new display modes, including a performance mode, to target the improved frame rate. Starfield will also support VRR following this update, allowing users to target 40FPS.

Opting for performance and aiming for 60FPS would lead to worse graphics quality. Alternatively, prioritizing visuals over performance entails sticking to the game’s default settings and maintaining a locked 30FPS.

The update will enhance terrain detail and aesthetics, improving the game’s visual appeal. Additionally, navigation within the game will be made better thanks to the addition of markers for shops, boutiques, and restaurants in cities.

For players seeking an even more challenging experience, Bethesda has introduced an ‘Extreme’ difficulty option, surpassing the existing ‘Very Hard’ difficulty level.

Starfield Could Have Been Even Better If It Launched With These Features

Apart from the new frame rate target, the confirmation of land-drive vehicles is the biggest takeaway. Players have been anticipating this feature, and Bethesda had already teased it late last year.

It’s reassuring to see Bethesda’s ongoing commitment to the RPG. With continued support and updates like these, there’s potential for a significant resurgence in player interest and engagement in the future since it has lost most of its players.

For now, anticipation is high for the May 15th update and the potential impact of these new implementations on the game.

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