Remedy Entertainment Is A Criminally Underrated AAA Studio

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Remedy's Strengths Are Undeniable!

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  • Remedy Entertainment’s franchises are ground-breaking, with names like Alan Wake, Max Payne, and Control leading the lineup.
  • The studio is rarely discussed when it comes to big AAA teams that redefine expectations today.
  • Even lesser-beloved games like Quantum Break are great in their own ways.

As I have grown up with games, I enjoy exploring the development process, leading to a greater appreciation for all professionals involved in the industry. Today, I have my own list of favorite studios, and I constantly look forward to their future releases.

Remedy Entertainment is one that instantly comes to mind, yet I don’t see this developer being appreciated as much as the biggest names in the industry. In my opinion, this team is extremely underrated.

Why it matters: Studios like Ubisoft rarely impress these days and are more recognized than the likes of Remedy Entertainment. 

Despite Control’s Amazing Combat and Visuals, it isn’t Too Well Known in The Industry | Image By Tech4Gamers

A Brilliant Lineup

When I think of Remedy, diversity and quality are the two words that immediately cross my mind. Whether it be Alan Wake, Max Payne, or Control, this studio has produced some of my personal favorite gaming experiences.

From the atmospheric brilliance of Alan Wake to the power fantasy of Max Payne, each franchise from Remedy offers something unique and equally high-quality. In recent memory, Alan Wake 2 has been a standout gem.

The storytelling and narrative of the game were borderline perfect and exceeded my expectations by a mile. This is one of the few sequels that genuinely makes its first entry appear obsolete by comparison.

Alan Wake 2 is a horror masterpiece
byu/Gingerbread0596 inAlanWake

Even subtle elements like the soundtrack recalling events from the predecessor were extremely well done. The game was also quite appropriately recognized for these strengths, taking home the Best Narrative award and becoming this team’s fastest-selling release.

Control is just as brilliant, offering an experience that falls somewhere in the middle of Max Payne’s over-the-top shooting antics and Alan Wake’s narrative-focused horror twists.

Control Is One of The Most Criminally Underrated Games | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

An Underrated Craftsman

To me, Remedy is like the underrated craftsman from a village who rarely receives the recognition he deserves. While critical reception may suggest otherwise, the team is rarely talked about in gaming discussions.

Remedy Entertainment is Underrated
byu/NotRodneyDammit ingaming

The same is true for its sales. For a studio receiving so much praise time and again, you’d think its games would sell like hotcakes after each release.

However, Control has only sold 4 million copies, and Alan Wake 2 has yet to turn a profit. I agree that the team made a mistake going with Epic Games exclusivity and a digital-only release for the latter.

Still, this does not change the fact that Alan Wake 2 is nothing short of a masterpiece. I would even argue that Remedy’s lesser-appreciated games, Quantum Break, for instance, are much better than they are given credit for.

Quantum Break attempted to blur the lines between film and game, offering live-action episodes to fill in the gaps between key story beats of the narrative. While this may not have been the best decision, Quantum Break was a solid third-person shooter at its core.

In particular, I liked Remedy’s implementation of the time abilities, which gave the shooting more flair than the standard cover-based gameplay found in most third-person shooters.

Alan Wake 2 Was One of The Major Highlights of 2023 But Still Didn’t Sell Well | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

The Future of Remedy Entertainment

While I have discussed how Remedy has been an underrated studio thus far, things could very well change for the better soon.

In the near future, Remedy is likely to emerge as one of gaming’s leading AAA teams based solely on technology. In an era where many games fail to do the next-gen moniker justice, Alan Wake 2 is a clear leap for gaming graphics.

Following this release, the studio has slowly begun to gain a bigger fan following. Its future lineup is also full of promise, with Max Payne finally coming home to this developer after more than a decade.

Two Max Payne remakes, a sequel to Control, and spin-offs for existing IPs are just a few of the exciting projects to look forward to.

If history is any indication, these projects won’t disappoint. In fact, I can almost count on Remedy living up to expectations since this team has always underpromised and over-delivered.

For this reason, I urge everyone to try Control or Alan Wake 2 at least once. These games are the most modern examples of the team’s brilliance, and they certainly deserve to be played by a wider audience.

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