PS2 Achieved 160 Million Lifetime Sales, Confirms Sony

Sony Provides Update For Undisputed Best-Selling Console!

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  • The PS2 has held the title of best-selling console for over two decades.
  • This system has received a surprising sales update from Jim Ryan.
  • With 160 million lifetime sales, no other console may be able to beat this record.

The PS2 is perhaps the greatest gaming console of all time. First exploding on the scene over two decades ago, this system remains unrivaled in many ways, including units sold.

It’s no secret that Sony’s second attempt at home consoles birthed the industry’s best-selling system. However, a recent PlayStation podcast confirms sales were even higher than expected.

The console sold a whopping 160 million units.

Why it matters: The PS2 remains a favorite among gamers worldwide since it combined a focus on fun and new technology that was unprecedented in 2000.

Sony PS2 PlayStation 2
The PS2 Stood Out In 2000 As A DVD Player

This information comes straight from Jim Ryan, who is set to depart PlayStation soon. Having spent over thirty years at the company, he confirmed his retirement last year.

Recalling his favorite moments about Sony’s gaming endeavors, he reminisced about the legendary console when the early 2000s were brought up.

160 million, which is the number of PS2s sold.

-Jim Ryan

This is a new revelation since Sony had not confirmed accurate unit sales until this point. Estimates put the console at around 155 million sales. However, it seems the gaming industry underestimated the PS2 a bit.

This statement also means that Nintendo’s latest system may no longer be able to catch up to the PS2. The Nintendo Switch has been hot on its heels for a while, reaching nearly 140 million sales recently.

With another 20 million units needed to be sold, this goal seems much more difficult than it did a few months ago.

Sony PlayStation 2
The PlayStation 2 UI Is Iconic

Sony’s decision to release the PS2 with a DVD drive was a major part of its success. The console became a part of many households for its DVD capabilities, proving that Sony’s forward-thinking approach was a blessing in the year 2000.

Ultimately, the PS2 deserved every bit of its success.

Many believe its successors failed to match up despite their unique strengths. Today, this console lives on through an incredible emulation community, classic offerings through PS Plus, and retro collectors who still value their consoles.

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