Jim Ryan’s 30 Year Run At PlayStation Ends Today

No Longer The PlayStation CEO!

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  • Jim Ryan is set to retire from PlayStation this evening.
  • He is being replaced by Hiroki Totoki.
  • PlayStation will continue to search for a permanent CEO while Hiroki Totoki leads the company.

Jim Ryan needs no introduction. As the PlayStation CEO, he overlooked the PS5 launch, outlined a live-service plan for Sony, and ensured the gaming giant stayed ahead of the competition, selling over 50 million PS5 units.

Jim Ryan dedicated a whopping thirty years of his life to the gaming giant, but all good things must come to an end. Today, the CEO is ready to step down from his position, concluding his three-decade-long journey at Sony.

Why it matters: This is a major shakeup for PlayStation since the gaming giant has yet to decide on a proper replacement.

The CEO’s retirement was already confirmed last year.

In a heartfelt message, he recalled his time with PlayStation and announced that it was time to move on. He was part of Sony from the very beginning, becoming a valuable part of the team that steered it to the new heights of console gaming.

Whether it be the best-selling PlayStation 2 or the troubled launch of the PlayStation 3, Jim Ryan went through several ups and downs during his time at Sony. As announced earlier, his replacement has not been set in stone yet.

For the time being, Hiroki Totoki is set to assume the role of Interim CEO as he searches for the next PlayStation leader. This is no ordinary task, so Sony is likely to take its time and find an appropriate CEO to succeed Jim Ryan.

Playstation Plus Games Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan Fought Tooth & Nail Against The Microsoft-Activision Merger.

Hiroki Totoki is expected to make several changes from next month. For starters, he has already committed to extensive PC support, accelerating an initiative that became popular during Jim Ryan’s era.

We expect several more changes to follow in the coming months.

With Jim Ryan moving on, we wish him the best of luck for the future. He had an incredible run, and his legacy will not go unnoticed by the millions who continue to celebrate PlayStation and all that it has to offer.

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