Uncharted 4 Visuals Still Put Many Modern Games To Shame

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Forget Next-Gen, Uncharted 4 Still Looks Incredible!

Story Highlight
  • The detailed environments in Uncharted 4 still impress today.
  • It’s fascinating how the lighting in the last two Uncharted games creates distinct atmospheres in different scenes.
  • The nuanced facial animations and body language enhance the emotional impact of the story.

Eight years ago, the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was a significant moment in gaming as players got a new entry after four years of waiting. Naughty Dog, known for their technical wizardry, quickly established a new benchmark for graphical fidelity.

Even today, the game remains a visual tour de force, and its legacy extends to the equally stunning Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I’m not just talking about mere technical prowess; Uncharted 4 possesses an artistry that looks way better than most modern-gen games.

Why it matters: Uncharted 4 is a phenomenon in gaming, and its visual excellence can challenge the biggest of AAA releases today. It raised the bar for how good games can look and has aged like fine wine.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy set a high standard for visuals in 2017.

Believable World of Uncharted 4

In the Uncharted series, the developers always aimed for a movie-like experience. While high polygon counts and sharp textures contribute to the visual feast, it’s the exceptional attention to detail that truly sets these games apart.

In Uncharted 4, poking around Nathan Drake’s attic uncovers a ton of stuff that’s been carefully made. Old photos, dusty relics – each one has a story to tell, making the game world feel real and lived-in.

The Lost Legacy keeps up the tradition with worn and genuine in-game environments. Furthermore, lighting plays an important role in adding to the game’s appeal. Lush jungles bathed in dappled sunlight, torch-lit caverns casting ominous shadows โ€“ lighting creates mood and atmosphere like no other element.

In the middle of a gunfight, I could often see the sweat twinkling on Nathan Drake’s shirt, and the ancient ruins in The Lost Legacy have this subtle, realistic glow. It’s not just about seeing better; the lighting tells a story all on its own.

Uncharted 4
The game smoothly combines gameplay with movie-like scenes, using little details to pull players into its story world.

Impressive Facial Details & Animations

In the Uncharted games, the way characters move and express themselves is truly fascinating. Nathan Drake isn’t just a combination of computer graphics; he feels like a real person.

The subtle smirk during witty banter and the furrowed brow while solving ancient puzzles โ€“ Naughty Dog captured the nuances of human expression with remarkable fidelity. Even characters like Chloe Frazer in The Lost Legacy have these subtle animations that make her feel even more real.

By paying attention to the characters, Naughty Dog avoided that off-putting, fake feeling some games struggle to let go of. The characters feel genuine, making the story hit even harder emotionally.

Uncharted 4 Facial Animations
Uncharted 4 has refined character animations with impressive fluidity.

Pushing the Limits of PlayStation (and PC)

Certainly, the visual brilliance of Uncharted owes a lot to its impressive technical capabilities. Uncharted 4 pushed the limits of what the PlayStation 4 could do, boasting huge landscapes, thick vegetation, and dynamic particle effects.

Naughty Dog is known for getting the best out of consoles, and they nailed it here. What’s impressive is that these games still look great, even as time goes on. Recent versions for the PlayStation 5 and PC show that their art style and technical wizardry stand the test of time.

Recent reports suggest that Sony is currently working on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remake, which is good news for the fans, including myself. I can’t wait to see this classic PlayStation 3 title in similarly glorious visuals.

Like me, many fans are also hoping for remakes of all entries in the Uncharted Trilogy.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PC)
Uncharted 4 should inspire game developers to aim even higher in telling stories visually.

Visuals Are One Part of the Puzzle

In addition to the visuals, Uncharted 4’s narrative is certainly its biggest strength since combat isn’t as front and center as before. The game is more about exploring and getting to know the characters.

There are fewer fights than in the earlier entries, but each one is carefully designed to be exciting. In terms of narrative, Uncharted 4 digs into ideas about obsession and who we are deep down.

Nathan Drake and his buddies made me wonder why I am drawn to adventure and what happens when I can’t let go. Unlike traditional adventure stories, Uncharted 4 takes a self-critical approach to its narrative.

Instead of just going with the flow, it looks at itself and asks some tough questions. When combined, the visuals and narrative work together to create what I consider to be a modern masterpiece.

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