Marvel’s Wolverine Leak Reveals Internal Trailer From Insomniac

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Shows Intense & Gory Wolverine Gameplay!

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  • More Marvel’s Wolverine leaks have been shared online.
  • Two new trailers of the game focusing on combat, exploration, and cinematics were shared on Reddit recently.
  • The title is planned to be released in 2026.

In December last year, Marvel’s Wolverine was leaked online, confirming 15 hours of playtime and revealing many details about the title, like the inclusion of multiple playable characters.

However, two months later, curious users on Reddit have found another interesting video from the leaks. A recent post on the subreddit dedicated to these leaks shows an internal Marvel’s Wolverine trailer from Insomniac Games.

Why it matters: This trailer shows a glimpse of what Insomniac Games could show during PlayStation’s official showcase later this year.

New Wolverine Trailer
byu/danoka29 ininsomniacleaks

The trailer shows this team’s vision for Marvel’s Wolverine. It highlights gameplay elements like traversal, combat, and more.

In terms of combat, Wolverine is seen creeping up on his enemies from the shadows and lunging toward them at incredible speeds. It also shows the studio’s dismemberment system, which will be a major focus, in addition to real-time battle damage.

Furthermore, the footage highlights Insomniac Games’ choice of atmosphere. Marvel’s Wolverine will go for a dark tone, integrating mature themes into a cinematic narrative.

Meanwhile, the second trailer focuses on the cinematic and visual quality. For early work, each character looks highly detailed, setting the stage for the studio’s target by the final release.

Since the game is expected to arrive in 2026, these trailers do not represent the final build. However, they look impressive for a game that is more than two years away from release.

Marvel's Wolverine SAG-AFTRA
Marvel’s Wolverine Was First Revealed In 2021

Insomniac Games’s leak confirmed that the developer aims to utilize everything the PS5 has to offer. Therefore, it will target 60FPS while aiming for exemplary visuals. Much of this ambition is already visible in these two videos.

Parts of these trailers might also be familiar to those who followed the leaks in December. Since Marvel’s Wolverine became playable on PC after the leaks, videos showing certain segments of the game made the rounds around social media.

However, Insomniac Games’ internal trailer shows a more polished version of the gameplay, including features like dismemberment, which were not part of the playable build. We hope to see an even more polished look from PlayStation in June during an official showcase.

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