PlayStation First Party Games To Dominate 2025, Suggests Insider

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Ghost of Tsushima 2 Expected For 2025!

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  • An industry insider predicts 2025 will be a great year for PlayStation with numerous first-party titles.
  • The games would exceed even optimistic expectations.
  • Sony confirmed no first-party releases for big existing IPs in 2024, potentially signifying a big push in 2025.

Sony’s lineup has always stood out in the gaming world. The gaming giant is slowing down this year, but an insider states that the next year will make up for the slower output in 2024.

The industry veteran indicated the end of a dry spell and the return of Sony’s strong presence in the gaming world.

Why it matters: The PS4 went through a similar first-party boom in the latter years of its lifecycle.

2025 Big Year For Sony First-Party Titles
Shinobi302 on Resetera believes 2025 will be massive for Sony.

Shinobi602, a reliable leaker, has increased excitement by forecasting that 2025 will be a standout year for PlayStation, fueled by a strong lineup of exclusive games.

Next year is when some of the big ones come [for PS5].


When asked for more information, shinobi expanded on the topic, suggesting a wave of big releases that might exceed even the most optimistic predictions. According to the veteran, Sony plans to release more than two first-party titles in 2025.

Shinobi stressed that if everything he’s aware of first-party-wise ends up accurate, it’ll be a very, very big year for Sony.

More than two first-party for PS5 in 2025

Naturally, the worry of delays in development is always there. The insider recognized this, mentioning, “Things can always get delayed, etc.”

Sony recently confirmed the lack of major first-party games from existing IPs this year. This could mean that PlayStation is planning something big for 2025. Recently, Sony’s shares fell to a new low in two years due to missing the PS5’s sales target.

The company will be looking to get back on track next year with an exclusive lineup of first-party titles to increase the console’s sales numbers eventually. With the inevitable release of the PS5 Pro in the latter stages of 2024, the gaming giant will have an even stronger momentum going into 2025.

What might be coming up for PlayStation fans in 2025? Sony is keeping quiet, but there’s plenty of speculation buzzing around.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 is one that immediately comes to mind. Expected to be revealed this year, this game is the most likely for a 2025 launch. Meanwhile, Death Stranding 2 is also coming as an exclusive for the PS5 in the same year.

Overall, there is much to anticipate. With exciting first-party games on the horizon and the potential for a new console a few months earlier, 2025 is gearing up to be a year PS5 gamers won’t want to skip.

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