Helldivers 2 Surpassed Starfield’s Peak Steam Player Count

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Helldivers 2 Reached 333K Concurrent Players!

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  • Helldivers was not expected to be one of the year’s biggest games.
  • However, it continues to break its own player count records on Steam.
  • The game has reached 330K players, recently beating Starfield and Destiny 2 on Steam.

2024 is an amazing time to be a gaming fan, as the year has been full of surprises. From the surprisingly great Prince of Persia reboot to the massive Palworld, the industry continues to find new hits each month, including the recently launched Helldivers 2.

Debuting as Steam’s best-selling game in February, this co-op shooter has overtaken Starfield in terms of concurrent player counts on the platform.

Why it matters: Starfield had years of build-up before its release. Meanwhile, Helldivers 2 launched on PlayStation and Steam without much excitement.

Source: SteamdB

Starfield reached a maximum of 330,723 concurrent players on Steam at the height of its popularity. Helldivers 2 broke past this figure over the weekend, even though its lead remains slim at best.

As of today, this co-op shooter has a peak concurrent player count of 330,827. This figure also puts it ahead of Destiny 2, which has a record of 316K players. Therefore, the game is not only beating major single-player titles, but it also continues to pull ahead of live-service competition.

The first Helldivers game peaked at merely 6K concurrent players on Steam. Comparing both games shows how far Arrowhead Game Studios has come, but the developer might continue to reach further heights at this rate.

Compared to Starfield, Helldivers 2 likely needed a smaller investment. While the former may have more players overall, thanks to Game Pass and console sales, the latter could end up a more profitable release in the long run.

Starfield has also lost many of its players recently, though this is not surprising due to its single-player nature.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Is Pure Co-op Shooter Madness

Helldivers 2 has begun to receive more critical reviews as well. Following quite the positive reception, the game may go through another surge as word of mouth spreads and it becomes even more recognizable.

We expect to see more records from Helldivers 2 over the next few days, but the game’s servers are capped at 450K concurrent players for now. Fortunately, Arrowhead Game Studios is constantly looking into increasing this limit since it has already proven too limited for the game.

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