Death Stranding 2 Is More Violent And Action-Heavy, Hints Norman Reedus

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Already Looks More Ambitious Than Predecessor!

Story Highlights
  • Hideo Kojima’s recent Death Stranding 2 trailer left fans with more questions than answers.
  • Norman Reedus has shared similar thoughts on the game, but he hinted at greater violence and more frequent use of guns.
  • He also noted that Hideo Kojima upped the scale for the sequel.

With 16 million players, Death Stranding is now among Hideo Kojima’s most recognizable IPs. The developer is ready to unleash another mind-bending trip in this universe with the sequel, bringing back a rich cast featuring actors like Norman Reedus.

A new trailer for this sequel was aired last month, creating even more anticipation for the project. Norman Reedus has also teased more about the game, stating that it will feature more gore and violence.

Why it matters: Death Stranding’s world is very comforting through long treks in open environments and soothing atmospheres. However, the sequel appears to be heading in a different direction.

Norman Reedus recently discussed the new trailer, explaining how some elements are still confusing to him. This is only natural since Hideo Kojima’s latest trailers left many hardcore fans scratching their heads, including us.

He stated that the story is slowly coming together as each trailer reveals more about the game. The voice actor further noted that the game seems to have a much grander approach to the scale of this universe.

However, his comment on the game’s nature was the most interesting. Norman Reedus compared the first game and Death Stranding 2, stating that the second seems to be more aggressive.

I feel like this one has more violence in it.

-Norman Reedus

Hints of this violence were shown in the recent footage, with Higgs playing a key role as he distributes guns around the world.

This should also translate over to gameplay, leading to more impressive boss battles and set pieces as Death Stranding 2 takes advantage of the PS5 hardware. On that note, Hideo Kojima has claimed that the graphics will improve by launch.

Death Stranding 2
Higgs From Death Stranding 2

In the past, Hideo Kojima has shown massive leaps in terms of combat gameplay for each new Metal Gear Solid game. Therefore, we hope to see similar steps forward in Death Stranding 2, making the action-packed moment more satisfying and enjoyable.

Death Stranding 2 officially arrives next year. The game promises just as many mysteries as the first while expanding on the best parts of Hideo Kojima’s last release.

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