Immortals of Aveum Price Down To £1 Amid Commercial Failure

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  • Immortals of Aveum was released around eight months ago.
  • Following its poor release, the game is already available for £1 in the UK.
  • It was recently sold for £5 in the UK during Christmas but now has seen an all-time low. 

Immortals of Aveum was released in August last year, and while it showed promise before release, the game failed to live up to its potential due to technical challenges and a saturated market in 2023.

Soon after this release, the studio laid off around 45% of the studio after the game failed to meet sales expectations. Now, just over eight months later, Immortals of Aveum is available for £1 in the UK.

Why it matters: The game had a budget of $125 million, making this price cut shocking for a AAA title published by EA.

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First spotted by a user on Reddit, Immortals of Aveum is being given away practically for free at the UK supermarket Asda.

In the same thread, one user commented that they purchased the game for £5 during the Christmas holidays. While this was already incredibly cheap, the game’s failure has led to the lowest possible price for a modern release.

Asda is known for reducing prices to clear its stocks, but it should be noted that the game isn’t available on the online store Asda. Therefore, those looking to purchase the title would have to go for an in-store pickup.

While single-player games typically lose their value quickly, Immortals of Aveum is a unique case since the game was a complete commercial failure.

Immortals of Aveum

According to the developers, this failure proves the limited appeal of single-player shooters today.

However, various other games have found success in the same market. The busy release schedule of 2023 likely became the final nail in the coffin for Immortals of Aveum, but it was far from the only reason for this aftermath.

Nonetheless, it’s disappointing to see a game falling to this price in less than a year.

Despite its many shortcomings, the developers at Ascendant Studios likely sought to create a good game. Hopefully, the studio can do better with its next game, using the failures of Immortals of Aveum as lessons for the future.

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