Norman Reedus Is Returning As Sam In Death Stranding 2

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Finally After So Many Teases!

After months of teasings and rumors finally, Hideo Kojima confirmed his next game is Death Stranding 2, the sequel to 2019’s post-apocalyptic Death Stranding. Kojima finally revealed the trailer during the Game Awards 2022 and posted it on The Game Awards YouTube Channel.

Death Stranding 2 had a reasonably lengthy trailer for that event. The trailer follows fragile taking care of the baby, and suddenly they get attacked by militant and supernatural forces. From what we can see, Higgs might also be included in the game. 

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A game by Hideo Kojima, known as Overdose, was leaked online, making the possibility of Kojima’s next game being Death Stranding 2 significantly less. Still, it wasn’t unexpected, as Norman Reedus stated that he was working on the subsequent Death Stranding.

Meanwhile, Kojima did some teases as he knew how to stir excitement among the fans. The good news is that Norman Reedus will return as Sam and Lea Seydoux as Fragile. We will see the return of these iconic characters in the new game by Hideo Kojima.

Not long ago, Kojima teased two actresses, Shiori Kutsuna and Elle Fanning, and some logos where one seemed to have a Death Stranding type of vibe to it. The trailer hasn’t revealed any of the two actresses mentioned, but it is just typical Kojima behavior to stay mysterious until the end. So, we can expect to see these two actresses soon. 

Some PlayStation fans were concerned that the collaboration of Kojima with Xbox might bring some changes, but Kojima said that his new game wouldn’t end his relationship with PlayStation. Now, the official reveal makes it clear that Kojima has no intention to end any relationship.

Moreover, at The Game Awards 2022, Kojima claimed that the reveal trailer is stuffed with hidden clues as the trailer doesn’t reveal much of the game. So, fans cant predict much, but they can look for the hints Kojima talked about until more information regarding Death Stranding 2.

If the game is what everyone expects, it might turn the gaming and movie industry upside down, just like Kojima claimed, but we can’t be sure of it until we play it ourselves. 

There is no official information regarding the game’s release, so that it will take some time. Till then, fans look for the clues in the trailer. Aside from that, what do you think of this reveal at TGA?

Are you excited about the new game by Kojima? Have you played Death Stranding? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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