Not long ago, Hideo Kojima, creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid, featured Elle Fanning in his next project. During the Tokyo Game, the developer launched a website and a mysterious tweet, which featured a silhouetted lady and the question, “WHO am I?”

Now Kojima has revealed another actress to star in his next game. The words “How Come?” appear in a new teaser image on the Kojima Productions website, which fades to show Shiori Kutsuna with the phrase “Where Am I?” written across her face. Shiori Kutsuna is known for her role in one of the most loved movies Deadpool 2.

Shiori Katsuna
Source: Kojima Productions

The games that Kojima Productions are developing aren’t revealed yet, but one of them was teased, and it is likely to be Overdose, and the other might be Death Stranding 2. Moreover, Kojima explained;

“There is a game I have always wanted to make, “it’s a completely new game, one that no one has ever experienced or seen before. I’ve waited very long for the day when I could finally start to create it.

Death stranding’s popularity is immense, and fans are patiently waiting for Death Stranding 2 with their hope extremely high. We do not know which game Elle Fanning and Shiori Katsuna will feature in. Regardless, both actresses will undoubtedly perform their roles beautifully as they are well-known in the acting industry.

Fans can keep their hope extremely high because Hideo Kojima claimed in his most recent interview that his next game would be like a new medium. We can’t be sure of his intention behind these words, but he also said,

“If this succeeds, it’ll turn things around – not just in the game industry, but in the movie industry as well,” he claimed.

We know that after featuring two of the most excellent actresses in his new games, Kojima is not messing around. What do you think of these two great actresses? Are you excited to see them in the new game by Kojima Productions? Let us know in the comments section.

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