Hideo Kojima Teases Next Game With Some Logos

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New Tease From Kojima!

We have seen Hideo Kojima talking about his new game for the past months. He revealed that two of the greatest actresses, Elle Fanning and Shiori Kutsuna, will be featured in the game. This information was enough to create hype for this game, but later, a leak surfaced online after this reveal.

The first gameplay of Overdose video was leaked to confirm that one game Kojima production is working on is Overdose, and another is the sequel to Death stranding.

The leaked video caused a commotion among the fans, and everyone wanted more news. So, today Kojima tweeted Starting a new journey with an image of several logos attached.

One of the logos has been used regularly, and in response to Kojima’s tweet, fans pointed out some resemblances between the logos and the Bridges company logo shown in Death Stranding.

Moreover, it seems that the game will take place near the Sea as the first logo could be related to the Sea, and the third seems like a sea creature attacked by spears. It is just based on speculation, so fans should take this with a grain of salt and wait for the official news from Kojima.

As Kojima said, his next game will be a completely different type of game that no one has yet experienced. Moreover, he claimed that this game I have always wanted to create would be like a new medium.

Kojima wants to turn things around not just in the gaming industry but also in the movie industry. The hype Kojima is creating is extreme, and we can’t expect what is coming next, as with every tease or reveal, he is setting the bar even higher. 

At first, Kojima could not make his dream game due to technological limitations, but now he can do that. So, the expectations are set high, and we cannot wait for what Kojima has in store. Whatever it is, with the amount of confidence Kojima has, it will surely turn the gaming industry around. 

Aside from that, what do you think of these logos Kojima tweeted? Are you excited about the new games by Kojima Productions? Let us know in the comments section.

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