Starfield Amassed 1 Million Concurrent Players Across Steam And Xbox

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With over two million players during early access and a concurrent peak of over 234K on Steam, Starfield had a very successful run during its early access period.

Starfield’s early access period came to an end yesterday, and it has now been officially released worldwide. Following initial success, the RPG appears to have continued its momentum into the full release.

Recently, Phil Spencer confirmed that Starfield amassed more than a million concurrent players across all platforms.

Why it matters: Bethesda had already expected a bigger launch for Starfield than any of its prior titles, and the game appears to be living up to those expectations.

This is a significant accomplishment for Starfield, and this number may rise further during the weekend when more players will be able to jump into the game.

The majority of these concurrent players appear to have come from Xbox Game Pass, as the game is now available on the subscription service for a low monthly price.

Although most players appear to be coming from the subscription, the Steam version has not lagged behind either. A recent report has estimated that at least 1 million players have played the game on Steam during early access.

The availability of mods on Steam and the platform’s legacy appeal for PC gamers made it a compelling choice for millions of RPG fans.

Following the full release, Xbox has also shared Starfield’s best accolades, highlighting a number of perfect scores for the game.

Overall, the reception has been mostly positive, leading to a score above 85/100 on Metacritic for the PC and Xbox Series S|X versions. However, a few reviewers gave the game scores as low as 7/10.

The game also had a peak concurrent audience of almost 550K Twitch viewers.

Starfield offers enough content to keep players engaged for hundreds of hours, with even the most dedicated Bethesda Game Studios fans just beginning to scratch the surface of its latest title.

The game has been a massive success for the studio, marking the first major first-party title for Xbox Series S|X. Microsoft hopes to continue this success in the coming years, releasing numerous quality games each year.

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