Starfield Peaked At Nearly 550K Concurrent Views on Twitch

Currently Second-Most Viewed Game!

Starfield was expected to be one of the biggest games of the year, and it has already begun to live up to these expectations. Following mostly positive reviews, the game peaked at nearly 235K concurrent Steam players.

This mass appeal is further highlighted in the game’s trending position on Twitch. At the time of writing, Starfield is the second most viewed game on the platform, and a report claims it peaked at 550K concurrent viewers on Twitch at release.

Why it matters: Starfield had years of anticipation behind it as it was in the making for eight years and announced half a decade ago. Its current position on Twitch highlights that it is set to be an extremely popular release in 2023.

Starfield Twitch
Source: Twitch

According to Sullygnome, it reached a peak of over 550K concurrent viewers on Twitch shortly after launch and maintained 350K concurrent viewers for a while. At the time of writing, Starfield has just over 120K viewers, trailing behind PUBG.

The game has received plenty of attention from the public, with popular streamers like Shroud and CohhCarnage bringing thousands of viewers to Starfield. Elsewhere, streamers like Dr Disrespect played the game on YouTube for over 10 hours.

All of this has likely been due to Microsoft and Bethesda’s impressive marketing efforts. Such efforts included a presence at Gamescom and various collaborations with companies like Elgato.

Starfield Tops 550K Views On Twitch
Source: Sullygnome

The 550K concurrent peak, while impressive, is still much lower than global phenomenons like Hogwarts Legacy, which managed to reach over 1.25 million concurrent viewers on the platform at release.

Nonetheless, Starfield is off to a great start on multiple platforms like Steam and Twitch. The game is yet to be fully released but has already turned quite a few heads for one reason or another.

Starfield will be fully released in just a few days on September 6, and curious users looking to learn more about the game can already find a plethora of details about its narrative and gameplay mechanics through different videos and guides all over the internet.

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