Starfield Reaches 234K Concurrent Steam Players In Early Access

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Off To Strong Start On Steam!

Following much anticipation, Starfield just went live a few hours ago. Prior to its release, the RPG had already become Steam’s best-selling title, even outpacing free-to-play games like CS:GO.

To mark the occasion, Todd Howard has thanked the community for supporting Bethesda Game Studios on this long journey, with the studio hoping for an incredible launch of its most ambitious project.

With the game now open to the public ahead of its full release on September 6, Starfield has already gathered over 234K concurrent players on Steam.

Why it matters: Bethesda Game Studios’ titles have always been popular on PC due to the strong modding community, and it appears Starfield will continue this tradition.

Starfield Early Access
Source: SteamDB

As seen above, the game has over 127K concurrent players at the time of writing and reached a peak of 234,502 players immediately after launch. Needless to say, this is just the beginning of Starfield.

Currently, the game is available to users purchasing the more expensive editions of the game. Once Starfield is fully released, hundreds of thousands of new users will likely join the epic journey across the galaxy.

While Starfield is still in early access, it has already gathered more concurrent players than popular recent releases like Armored Core 6Remnant 2, and Resident Evil 4 Remake.

However, massive titles like Hogwarts Legacy and Baldurs Gate 3, which are the year’s biggest releases on Steam, are still much further ahead. As such, Starfield has a long way to go before it can measure up to this success.

Following the embargo, Starfield has received several positive reviews with a few outliers. The game excels in exploration and immersion but falters in parts like inventory management and traversal.

These strengths and weaknesses have landed the game with a score of 88/100 on Metacritic.

Over 234K players have already embarked on an exciting journey in the vast worlds of Starfield. However, a large number of people are still waiting for the full release later this week, leading to an exciting few days ahead for fans of Bethesda Game Studios.

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