Dragon’s Dogma 2 Reportedly Runs At 30FPS On PS5 & Xbox Series S|X

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No 60FPS Mode In Capcom's First $70 Title!

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  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 is skipping 60FPS on Xbox Series S|X and PS5.
  • This is disappointing since the RPG is Capcom’s first $70 release.
  • The frame-rate cap may have been a result of CPU bottlenecks or a limitation within the RE engine.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is director Hideaki Itsuno’s first major AAA release in many years. Having successfully revived Devil May Cry, this director, along with Capcom, is hoping to revitalize another one of the studio’s long-forgotten franchises.

Leading up to the launch, Capcom has confirmed limited fast travel and seamless gameplay, showcasing a highly ambitious RPG. Still, it has yet to address frame rates, with a report now stating Dragon’s Dogma 2 runs at 30FPS on consoles.

Why it matters: 60FPS has become the standard for console gaming in 2024. With games skipping 60FPS becoming a rarity, each new console title locked at 30FPS receives criticism from the masses.

Dragon's Dogma 2

As reported by PCFocus, a Japanese insider claims a 60FPS performance mode is not planned for Capcom’s upcoming RPG. This report does not seem hard to believe when looking at official information surrounding Dragon’s Dogma 2.

For starters, the title is now two months away from launch. Typically, performance modes are confirmed for games several months in advance, but Capcom has been suspiciously quiet about its frame rate targets for consoles.

The game’s current system requirements on Steam also list 30FPS targets. Capcom asks for a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU to aim for 30FPS, which is roughly equivalent, if not better, than the CPUs found in the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Being an open-world title, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will stress the CPU more than Capcom’s linear games. As such, the current console CPUs might be incapable of reaching the 60FPS target in this massive and dynamic open world.

The first game also exhibited frame rate issues on consoles in 2012. While the sequel is based on a new engine and technology, Capcom’s RE engine has not been used to power an open world of this scale before.

Therefore, even though this engine is lauded for its optimization, the team’s inexperience with such a game might have led to the 30FPS target.

Dragon's Dogma 2

Making matters worse, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Capcom’s first $70 AAA release. With this price hike, audiences might not be keen on the publisher’s addition to the small collection of 30FPS games on the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Recent press coverage has also confirmed the game will ship without multiple save files.

Therefore, launching without basic features seems to be a recurring theme for Dragon’s Dogma 2, possibly becoming a hurdle for Capcom’s ambitious revival of this RPG franchise.

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