Canceled Sci-Fi Call of Duty From 2010 Spotted In Leaked Footage

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COD Future Warfare Almost Replaced Ghosts In 2013!

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  • Leaked footage shows a canceled futuristic Call of Duty game by Neversoft Entertainment.
  • The game was titled Call of Duty: Future Warfare and codenamed ‘NX1.’
  • It was supposed to be released instead of 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, focusing on Multiplayer.

Most might not remember, but over 10 years ago, Infinity Ward went through a few major changes. The development studio was split, eventually leading to the creation of Respawn Entertainment, a team best known for Star Wars games and Apex Legends today.

This split almost led to the creation of Call of Duty: Future Warfare. Codenamed NX1, this game would have been the first futuristic-themed Call of Duty before Advanced Warfare, created by developer Neversoft. However, the project was later canceled.

Why it matters: Future Warfare or NX1 looks close to what came in the form of Infinite Warfare years later. Therefore, it would’ve been interesting to see what Neversoft could’ve done with the game before other Activision studios.

As for a bit of background, Neversoft was the studio behind the critically acclaimed Tony Hawk franchise as well as Guitar Heroes. NX1 would’ve been a transition for them to develop a game entirely different from what they were used to.

According to Brian Bright, a former developer at Infinity Ward, this game was created after Infinity War was split. The leaked footage shows a mission on the moon, experimenting with the game engine by using low gravity.

Furthermore, this game would have been released in place of Ghosts. Bright revealed that Neversoft developed 2-3 campaign missions in addition to multiplayer stuff before the game got scrapped.

Like other Call of Duty games, multiplayer was supposed to be a highlight of this title.

Judging from this footage, the game appeared quite polished.

The developer has yet to confirm how long Call of Duty Future Warfare was in development before being scrapped. Following Call of Duty Ghosts, the series would eventually go on to pursue futuristic settings in 2014, releasing sci-fi games for three years before fans became tired of the formula.

More than a decade later, Call of Duty is now owned by Xbox. Modern Warfare 3 marks the latest entry for this franchise, but its reception has been far from stellar, with the game becoming Activision’s worst-rated release for the IP.

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