Suicide Squad Won’t Force Players To Play For Hundreds of Hours

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Rocksteady Getting Rid of Typical Live Service Grind!

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  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is just days away from its release.
  • Live service games are notorious for requiring hours upon hours so that players can keep up with all the content.
  • Rocksteady won’t go this route, as the team respects the player’s time.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is out next week after seven years of development, but early impressions have been quite negative due to a pivot from Rocksteady’s traditional focus on single-player gameplay.

Still, not everything regarding Suicide Squad has been negative. For starters, the game seemingly retains Batman Arkham’s DNA. Rocksteady also claims it won’t offer an infinite grind like other live-service titles, respecting the player’s time.

Why it matters: Daily challenges and missable content can often make live service games feel like a chore to play. Many have complained about such games feeling like a second job to keep up with the content stream, but this won’t be the case for Rocksteady’s superhero title.

During a recent Q&A session on Discord, the developers addressed the systems and gameplay mechanics of Suicide Squad. They confirmed gear scores would not get in the way of player expression and freedom.

Addressing the content rollout method, studio director Darius Sadeghian stated that players will be able to go back and play previous Battle Passes after a season ends.

This choice ensures players do not feel obligated to forcefully play the game in the wake of impending Battle Pass expirations. It also ties into the overall design philosophy of respecting the player’s time. The developer stated:

“We also have lives and that’s been a big part of our design philosophy.”

Therefore, the game is designed to be generous with each player’s time, allowing them to make the most out of limited play sessions.

Respecting the player also means unlocks cannot be padded out, which is often the case in live service games aiming for maximum player retention. The studio director said:

“We don’t want the game to feel like a life commitment or be a game where you have to sacrifice a lot to see all the content.”

It’s also been stated that players won’t have to play the game for hundreds of hours to make significant progress.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Recent information from the developers has been more encouraging after the negativity around Suicide Squad. However, the public dissatisfaction stems from the core live service focus of the game, leading to doubts about the title redeeming itself come launch day.

According to reports, Warner Bros has even withheld review codes from various media outlets.

This shows a surprising lack of confidence in a developer who practically redefined superhero games with Batman Arkham Asylum. Still, we remain hopeful for a surprising release from Rocksteady.

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