Skull and Bones Has A lot of Longevity, Says Ubisoft

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"We Believe It Has Legs & Longevity"

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  • Skull and Bones is finally arriving next month.
  • The developers believe that the game will have legs and longevity.
  • Ubisoft claims to have used all the ingredients to create fun and engaging content that players will always return to.

Skull and Bones was first announced in 2017, and since then, the game has faced multiple delays and challenges. Much has changed in the years since its announcement, with live service games being less popular today than before.

While the game was finally expected to arrive in 2023, it was pushed back to 2024 for the last time. The studio is seemingly headed toward a full launch this year, approaching this release with confidence and claiming that it offers plenty of longevity.

Why it matters: New content and player engagement are fundamental to the success of any live service game.

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During a recent interview with Well Played, senior producer Neven Dravinski discussed multiple parts of Skull and Bones, including the game’s longevity.

He stated that Ubisoft doubled down on the things that made this game great, focusing on multiple positive features, including the setting, the naval combat, the commitment to co-op, and the rich lore.

The developer stated:

 “We have the ingredients for creating fun, engaging content that people will always come back to.”

Ubisoft believes in creating an addictive experience for fans. To achieve this goal, Skull and Bones is powered by creative experiences that will not be forgotten anytime soon despite the slew of live service offerings currently available on the market.

The senior producer stated:

“It’s something that we believe has legs and longevity.”

The team is focused on building a great community, which is crucial to keeping a live service project going for many years. Ubisoft hopes Skull and Bones will turn into a journey full of adventures and memories for both the players and developers.

The studio has spent over $120 million trying to achieve this goal. Despite a troubled history, the developer remains hopeful in its product.

Ubisoft has also confirmed an open beta for Skull and Bones recently. With the game going public on 8 February, millions can jump in and try this naval combat adventure at no additional cost.

This should provide a small taste of everything the final game will offer. The open beta runs till 11 February, transitioning into the full game.

Days later, the game will be launched on 16 February for all current-generation consoles and PCs. Hopefully, this is the final date Ubisoft issues for the release, avoiding further delays after a troubled history of development.

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