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How To Fix Xbox Series S Won’t Turn On Issue

Trying fixes like power cycling, soft reset, cleaning your Xbox, turning the console on via wireless controller.

Xbox Series S users report an issue where their console does not seem to boot and work. Considering this prevents them from doing the sole thing they bought the console for, it becomes very annoying. It is essential to learn why the Xbox Series S won’t turn on and how to fix it. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Xbox Series S not turning on issue prevents the console from booting, which ultimately prevents the users from doing anything on the console.
  • The issue may be caused by overheating, hardware problems, power button issues, power outlet issues, or even power cable issues.
  • The problem may be fixed if you clean the console, restart it, power cycle it, or turn it on using the wireless controller.

Why My Xbox Series S Won’t Turn On?

Since the Xbox series S is not turning on is an issue many Xbox users face, the Tech4Gamers team thoroughly researched the reasons behind the issue. Here are some of the common reasons your Xbox Series S won’t turn on.

Xbox overheating
Xbox overheating
  • Overheating issues may be caused because the console hardware components are covered with dust and debris. This problem may also cause the power button to malfunction.
  • Underlying issues in the power supply or the power outlet that is being used for the Xbox Series S.
  •  It could also be because of random glitches in the software that may prevent the console from turning on.
  • Lastly, there may be an issue with the hardware of your Xbox series S. Despite being uncommon; it can still occur in a few consoles.
WARNING: Make sure the console is not placed inside a closed compartment, as that is the leading cause of overheating.

Fixes For Xbox Series S Not Turning On

I’ve found some of the most effective fixes for this issue. The fixes for this issue are rather easy and won’t take much of your time. Here are some of the easy fixes for you to try.

  • Restart Your Xbox.
  • Clean your Xbox.
  • Try plugging the Xbox power cable into another power outlet to see if the issue is in the outlet.
  • Try using another power cable to see if the issue lies within the power cable you are currently using.

Now I’ll head towards the detailed fixes of this issue so you don’t have trouble trying to figure out what you should do.

Try Using Your Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox users often fail to recognize or consider the issue with the power button of the Xbox. The power button may not work for many reasons, one of them being dust and debris stuck between it. Therefore, users should test the power button by trying to turn on their Xbox Series S using other ways.

The easiest way is to turn it on via a wireless controller. All you have to do is press the guide button on the controller. If the console automatically turns on after that, there may be an issue with the power button.

Perform A Power Reset On Your Xbox

This is just another way of trying to power cycle your Xbox. However, it differs slightly from what you usually do when trying to power cycle your Xbox. Therefore, I’m providing you with a guide for it.

Here’s how you can perform a power reset on your Xbox:

  1. Press your console’s power button and ensure you have turned it off.
  2. Remove the power cable of the Xbox from the outlet.
  3. Wait about 30 seconds, then plug the power cable back into the power outlet.
  4. Try turning on your Xbox now and see if the power reset worked. 

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Perform A Soft Reset On Your Xbox 

Similar to the power reset earlier, this soft reset has a little addition to the steps. This is another way to eliminate the issue of your Xbox Series S.

Here’s how to perform a soft reset on the Xbox Series S:

  1. Press your console’s power button and ensure you have turned it off.
  2. Remove the power cable of the Xbox from the outlet.
  3. Wait about 30 minutes, then plug the power cable into the outlet.
  4. Try turning on your Xbox now and see if the soft reset worked.
 Important: A soft or power reset will not remove any data from the Xbox.  

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Contact Customer Support/Head To A Service Centre

If none of these fixes seem to work for you, then there is a possibility of an underlying issue in your console’s hardware. I advise you to seek help from either customer support, which may be able to provide you with further fixes, or head to a service center.

The service center will be able to examine your console properly and diagnose the reason behind the issue. If you’re lucky and your Xbox is still under warranty, your service fee will most likely be exempted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xbox Series S not turning on mean it is gone for good?

No, there are several fixes that you can try to eliminate this issue, such as power cycling your Xbox. The console not turning on does not necessarily mean it has gone bad.

Will performing a soft reset delete all the data I have saved inside my Xbox?

No, soft reset does not wipe any of your saved data. It is just a way to eliminate any software glitches that may be preventing your Xbox Series S from turning on.

What can I do to prevent this issue from happening again?

In case of reasons like software glitches, you can’t do much. However, keeping your console clean and using all its power supply-related components with utmost care is important.

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