Starfield Is Currently The Second Most Played Game On Xbox

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Second Only To Fortnite!

Starfield has been out for early access users for nearly two full weeks, and several days have gone by since the full release. However, the passing of time has only made the game’s appeal more apparent.

The RPG became Bethesda’s biggest launch to date, reaching over 1 million concurrent users across all platforms, and it also led to a surge in sales of the Xbox Series S|X in regions like the UK.

Starfield has continued this momentum. Two weeks after early access, the RPG currently stands as the second most played title on Xbox Series S|X.

Why it matters: Starfield’s current position puts it ahead of various free-to-play titles on Xbox consoles, highlighting that Bethesda and Microsoft have a major success on their hands.

Starfield Xbox Series S|X
Source: Microsoft

According to Microsoft, Starfield is only bested by Fortnite on the list of most-played Xbox games. This is an impressive achievement, considering the wide appeal of several other free-to-play titles like Apex Legends and Rocket League.

The game has comfortably pulled ahead of new releases like NBA 2K24, while popular games like Call of Duty have also been left behind despite free-to-play offerings like Call of Duty: Warzone.

This success is a testament to Bethesda’s efforts in development, which spanned nearly a decade, as the studio took the utmost care to ensure the game lived up to the enormous expectations of fans worldwide.

The game’s scope may have also benefitted it in this regard. Since Starfield is massive, many players who began their journeys during early access have likely just scratched the surface.

Bethesda offers 1,000 planets to explore, complex RPG systems to delve into, and several engaging ways for players to explore the vast world of Starfield. Such detailed mechanics ensure players can spend hundreds of hours with the game.

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Much of the game’s current success can be credited to Xbox Game Pass, which ensures Starfield is playable for millions of players at a cheap monthly cost.

Starfield’s excitement and buzz have also been passed onto other games, leading to a massive surge in players for No Man’s Sky, a game that explores similar themes, allowing players to travel to millions of potential planets in a sci-fi universe.

While Starfield has no shortage of accomplishments, the game is just getting started.

Bethesda has recently confirmed several quality-of-life improvements are planned for the RPG, including the much-requested additions of DLSS for PC and official mod support for Xbox.

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