Silent Hill Revival From Konami Off To Extremely Poor Start

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Poor Reviews For First Releases & Remake Looks Disappointing!

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  • Konami has recently released an interactive episode-based game and a free PS5 Silent Hill game.
  • Both have received poor reception from fans and critics.
  • The Silent Hill 2 Remake trailer also disappointed dedicated fans.
  • Overall, Konami’s ambitious Silent Hill revival is not going very smoothly.

Konami is attempting to revive Silent Hill, one of the most iconic franchises in the gaming industry. The developer has been trying to get back on its feet since last year, using this horror series and Metal Gear Solid to return to the spotlight.

Using a series of remakes and new entries, Konami hopes to capture interest from the masses. However, efforts to revive Silent Hill have not been the most promising so far, hinting at a disappointing future.

Why it matters: The initial announcement from this publisher carried a lot of promise for these old IPs, but fans were never too confident in Konami.

Silent Hill The Short Message Reviews Metacritic
Silent Hill The Short Message Reviews via Metacritic

This revival seemingly began with last year’s Silent Hill: Ascension. Pitched as an interactive TV show/game hybrid, Konami aimed to air episodes of the series, using audience choices to influence future events.

However, the game was immediately review-bombed, with many calling it the worst release to have come out of the IP. Making matters worse, it featured controversial microtransactions.

During the latest State of Play, Konami shadow-dropped Silent Hill: The Short Message, a game that immediately caught everyone’s attention due to obvious similarities with Hideo Kojima’s canceled Silent Hill PT.

In a disappointing turn of events, this game was not able to do much for Konami. At the time of writing, it is standing at 53/100 score on Metacritic. The user rating is also at 6.4, which indicates the gameplay wasn’t that great.

Perhaps most disappointing was the recent look at Silent Hill 2 Remake. Despite its status as one of Konami’s most prized titles, the gameplay trailer left fans wanting more, with many surprised at the lack of polish.

silent hill the short message
Silent Hill: The Short Message Was Released For Free Recently

Following these events, fans have begun to lose hope in Silent Hill and Konami’s direction for the IP.

The studio was recently creating a dedicated team for future games of the franchise, but this might not matter much if audiences continue to lose interest with each new release.

Still, all hope is not lost. Konami reportedly showcased an old build of the remake, so future showings of this project may portray a more polished version of Bloober Team’s work.

We certainly hope this was the case since the prospect of more horror games from this renowned IP is quite exciting. Meanwhile, the publisher may also bring back older versions of these games to modern platforms, with rumors pointing to various ports being in the works.

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