Xbox Team Reportedly In The Dark For Next Week’s Exclusivity Announcement

Microsoft Will Do The Talking Next Week!

Story Highlights
  • Recent rumors have suggested that Xbox is releasing its exclusive games to PS5.
  • Rumors have also suggested that Microsoft is pulling Xbox from the console market.
  • Microsoft is making an announcement to confirm or deny these rumors next week.
  • An insider states that the Xbox department has been left out of the loop, with Microsoft running the show next week.

Recent rumors created turmoil in the gaming industry. With reports of Starfield, Indiana Jones, and more headed to PlayStation, fans have demanded more clarity from Microsoft and Xbox.

Other rumors also state Xbox could leave the hardware market altogether, possibly leading to the worst outcome for everyone involved in console gaming. However, Phil Spencer has confirmed that an announcement is coming to address the situation next week.

Ahead of this announcement, a reliable source indicates Microsft is keeping the Xbox team out of the loop of the decision.

Why it matters: Microsoft has been in the console market and PlayStation’s rival for over two decades, so significant changes could change how the industry works.

Tom Warren Statement
Tom Warren’s Statement On Resetera

Tom Warren is a credible insider, especially when it comes to news about Xbox. The insider has proved credible many times with accurate leaks and rumors, so his words have some weight behind them.

Tom has revealed on Resetera that most of the Xbox team doesn’t know what is going on about the decision. This indicates that Microsoft is behind this third-party push.

Earlier this week, rumors stated that internal conflict within Microsoft led to the leaks in the first place. Many were supposedly upset with Xbox going third-party, so they decided to leak information before the announcement.

This announcement would have come by the end of February, but the turmoil forced Microsoft to clear its stance much earlier.

Still, Tom Warren’s latest report seems a bit odd, considering Phil Spencer broke the news of Microsoft’s announcement in the first place.

This would also be unfair to the folks at the gaming division, as they have a right to know the future of the brand they are dedicating hours of their lives to.

The gaming giant has ambitious plans for the future, and its lineup for 2024 is already solid.

We believe that the right move in this situation is to go forward with traditional exclusivity instead of shiting the direction of Xbox completely. However, nothing is set in stone till Microsoft officially reveals its plans during the business update.

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