Redfall Steam Player Count Frequently Plummeted To Single Digits Last Month

Dropped To 8 Players Only!!

Redfall was one of the worst releases of 2023 due to many technical issues. Shortly after the launch, the game’s daily player count on Steam fell below 500. However, player counts have continued to fall further.

Following much frustration and a lack of updates from Arkane Studios, the game is quickly moving toward complete abandonment on Steam. Redfall’s Steam concurrent player counts dropped to single digits at various points during the last month.

Why it matters: The game was a complete disaster at launch, as it was almost unplayable. Arkane Studios has seemingly left Redfall, showing no signs of releasing fixes and updates.

Redfall Player Count Dropped To Single Digits
Redfall Steam Player Count

Even at the time of writing, only eight players are active in Redfall on Steam.

While Bethesda remains adamant that updates, including the 60FPS patch, are on the way, players have understandably begun to lose hope. The game has remained in the same state for months, with the last Steam update released in June.

On September 29, the game’s concurrent player count dropped to a historic low of 3 players. Shockingly, this meant that, at one point, the game lacked enough players to form a complete party for online co-op.

Therefore, the game is in desperate need of more attention and updates. We believe that a comeback for Redfall, while not impossible, is more difficult than ever, and it would immediately become a famous redemption story if Arkane Studios pulled the game back.

While games like Cyberpunk 2077 have been through a similar phase, players always acknowledged the solid foundations hidden beneath a poor launch. Redfall, on the other hand, has not received similar praise.

The game has also damaged the legacy of Arkane Austin, a studio known for underrated gems like Prey from 2017.

With that being said, the game is also available on Xbox Game Pass, so players willing to try it are likely found on this platform.

Buying the game does not make a lot of sense after the bad press it received, but this is one of the benefits of Microsoft’s subscription service. Players can try the game, even if they do not have high expectations, possibly leading to a pleasant surprise in some cases.

Bethesda believes Redfall will stay relevant on Xbox Game Pass for many years. This may push the publisher and Arkane Studio to pursue updates for the game, but it may be too little too late if changes are not made in the near future.

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