Redfall Has Not Received A Single Update Since June

Despite Bethesda's Recent Assurance About Support!

Amid the record-breaking and genre-defining releases of 2023, Arkane Studios released its worst-rated game of all time in May. Despite having the responsibility to kick off Xbox’s promising first-party lineup, the game failed to make an impact.

It launched with a 30FPS cap on consoles and was quickly buried by the great games that followed. However, Pete Hines recently confirmed that Redfall would not be abandoned, and Arkane Studios is working on updates for the game.

It has been a month since Pete Hines made this statement, but no update is in sight. In fact, Redfall has not received any updates in over three months.

Why it matters: Redfall is plagued with issues across all platforms. While the consoles are limited to 30FPS, the game’s PC version is not much better, suffering from stutters, poor AI, and inconsistent performance.

Redfall PlayStation 5

According to Bethesda’s website, the last update for Redfall was released on June 22.

One month after release, Arkane Studios dropped an update for the game, fixing a few bugs. Many hoped this would be a sign of things to come, and several updates would soon follow.

However, this was not the case. While Redfall has seen a few updates since release, many of the game’s major issues remain unchecked. Console players are still limited to 30FPS, while PC players are left to deal with a poor port.

Bethesda believes the game will remain relevant on Game Pass for many years, but the studio appears to have made little progress with fixes.

Redfall Arkane Studios Worst Release

Since 2023 has already reached October, Arkane Studios has the perfect opportunity to drop a huge update for the game. The spooky season goes well with Redfall’s themes, presenting an opportunity to win back players after a disappointing release.

Games like Cyberpunk 2077 made major comebacks recently, so all hope is not lost for Arkane Studios.

While Redfall remains neglected, Arkane Studios has begun hiring for its next project. The studio will not repeat its mistakes from the last project and intends to focus on a single-player gameplay experience for the next game.

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