High On Life DLC Is Now Available On Consoles And PC

High On Knife Is Now Available!

High on Life was released as an Xbox timed exclusive, becoming one of the biggest Game Pass titles upon release last year. The game also sold well on Steam, often being seen at the top of the Steam best-sellers at the time of its release.

During the week of its launch, it became the most-played game on Xbox thanks to its availability on Game Pass. Therefore, High on Life was a breakout hit on both platforms.

Less than a year after its initial release, Squanch Games has released new content for the game. The previously announced DLC, High on Knife, is finally out for PC and consoles.

Why it matters: High on Life took the internet by storm due to its humorous tone. Therefore, players are likely to enjoy the latest addition to the game as it expands upon the well-received formula.

While 2023 has been filled with games, some may find that a return to High on Life is a nice change of pace. A more laid-back and comedic tone makes the game perfect for gamers looking to enjoy a less serious experience with many quirky characters.

The DLC also offers a much shorter experience than the base game or most releases of 2023. It can be completed in around 2 hours, making it a great option for those looking for something to pick up and play without spending hundreds of hours.

However, the 2-hour length is also High on Knife’s biggest drawback. For the $10 asking price, the DLC ends a bit too soon. In terms of new additions, the DLC introduces Praxis.

This new location is a core part of High on Knife, but it does not add much to the main story, which focuses on Knifey. The story begins with the returning knife companion suddenly being called to his home world.

This leads to a journey to Praxis, marking the beginning of the short 2-hour narrative.

High on Life

Apart from the drawbacks, High on Knife offers the same gameplay that fans enjoyed last year. Random encounters with interesting characters and scenarios continue to be a strength in the DLC, encouraging players to stray from the main quest.

Conversations are also a joy to listen to, as the banter between the characters ensures there is seldom a dull moment in the DLC.

In July, the game was released on PlayStation consoles, so the DLC is available on all platforms at release, unlike the base game. However, Xbox Game Pass owners can avail a special discount to purchase the base game and its DLC for just $20.

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