High On Life Is Now Available On Xbox Game Pass

High on Life Is Here!

High on Life is a comedy first-person shooter title from the co-creator of comedy shows like Rick and Morty. Like his previous work, High on Life has a distinct style of comedy while offering a variety of fps mechanics. 

The game is available on Xbox consoles and the PC platform. High on Life is also playable on Game Pass, Day One

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The game puts players in the shoes of a bounty hunter traveling across the galaxy. This unique setting allows for various locations and alien species throughout the adventure.

High on Life gives players access to four primary weapons. All the guns can talk and serve as the primary source of jokes and reactions to the things happening throughout the game.

Furthermore, the main character can also utilize unique abilities to mix things up. Capabilities like a grappling hook, sliding, and dashing allow for variety in traversal, along with the multiple options in terms of weapons. 

High on Life’s NPCs also have a lot of Life to them. They can engage with the players on various occasions, leading to hours of comedic interactions between the guns and NPC characters. 

High on Life

Fans can learn more about High on Life when the reviews go live soon. A few thoughts are already out, and the game is currently rated at 76/100 on Metacritic, but several significant publications have yet to publish their scores. 

As mentioned before, High on Life is now out on all platforms. Game Pass subscribers can jump in, and Xbox Cloud users can also play High on Life.

Have you been looking forward to High on Life? Are you going to play it? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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