Bethesda Believes Redfall Will Remain Relevant on Game Pass 10 Years Later

Bethesda Believes In Redfall's Redemption!

Redfall, published by Bethesda Softworks, initially faced a poor reception, earning the title of the worst Arkane Studios release. However, Pete Hines holds a different perspective, one that suggests a brighter future for this vampire-themed open-world title.

According to Bethesda Softworks’ Pete Hines, Redfall will continue to improve and bring new players a decade from now.

Why it matters: The publisher’s confidence in Redfall despite its horrendous reception indicates the game will still be available and improved upon for players ten years from now.

Redfall PlayStation 5

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Pete Hines discussed the challenges posed by the hectic nature of game development. He explained dealing with numerous bugs and issues can be particularly challenging.

During this interview, Hines took the opportunity to shed light on Redfall. He emphasized that despite its less-than-ideal start, he remains optimistic about its future. Hines pointed out that ten years from now, Redfall would still be on Game Pass, and said:

“Game Pass lives forever. There will be people ten years from now who are going to join Game Pass, and Redfall will be there.”

Therefore, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios are looking to ensure Redfall is ready to welcome such players when the time comes. The studio is currently focused on bug fixes, quality-of-life changes, and the anticipated 60FPS update for the game.

Pete Hines acknowledged that Redfall did not get the launch the publisher hoped for. It faced criticism, and the lack of updates from Arkane Studios led many to believe that it had faded into obscurity.

Redfall Arkane Studios Xbox

The interview clarifies that Redfall is still very much a project in progress, with several improvements in the pipeline that aim to enhance the overall experience. As mentioned earlier, the biggest piece of the puzzle in this case is the 60FPS patch.

In the gaming world, redemption stories are not uncommon. Pete Hines pointed to Bethesda’s Fallout 76 as an example, a game that had a rocky start but has now become a highly popular title across various platforms.

This comparison shows that even games like Redfall have the potential to make significant improvements.

With the assurance of continuous support and improvements, along with Game Pass’s enduring presence, Redfall might have hidden potential. Meanwhile, Arkane Studios has also begun hiring for its next game, going with a more traditional single-player title.

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