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How To Fix MSI Command Center Not Working?

We explain how to fix the issue by updating the MSI app, changing the startup type, updating Windows, and more.

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While you can monitor your CPU Fan, CPU Frequency, and other features with MSI Command Center, the app sometimes does not work as intended. So, if MSI Command Center is not working for you, try updating the software or running the app in Administrator Mode.

Key Takeaways
  • MSI Command Center is only compatible with MSI motherboards and Windows OS.
  • It may not work for several reasons, like using outdated app versions, data glitches, and incompatible drivers.
  • Closing conflicting software, deleting MSI Center SDK, and using the app with administrator privileges are some solutions for the problem.
  • Remember to install Revo Uninstaller from the official site, as third-party sites could harm your computer.

Method Difficulty Rating

Remove MSI SDK
Rated: 6/10

Alter Startup Type
Rated: 3/10

Launch In Admin Mode
Rated: 1/10

Remember: MSI Command Center is only designed to work with MSI motherboards. Plus, it only runs on Windows operating systems, specifically Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. Older versions are not supported.

Start by updating the MSI Command Center from MSI Official, reinstalling the application, installing the necessary drivers as recommended on the MSI Support webpage, updating drivers and launching the app in a clean boot.

Uninstall MSI Center SDK

MSI Center SDK is a utility developed by MSI consisting of tools, APIs, libraries, documentation, and other resources that help manage the interface and functioning of MSI products, such as the MSI Command Center. Uninstalling this software will eliminate any corrupt settings or cache that may interfere with the program’s running.

Rather than uninstalling directly, first install free third-party software, Revo Uninstaller. It removes the program from the system while also eliminating any related settings, registries, and files that could be causing the issue. Here are the steps to uninstall MSI Center SDK with Revo Uninstaller.

  1. Uninstall MSI SDK: Once installed, launch Revo Uninstaller > Windows Apps > Mark MSI Center SDK > Uninstall.
    Uninstall With Revo
    Uninstall With Revo (Image By Revo Uninstaller)
  2. Create Backup: Mark the boxes beside Create A System Restore Point Before Uninstall and Create A Full Registry Backup Before Uninstall > Continue.
    Create Backup In Revo
    Create Backup In Revo (Image By Revo Uninstaller)
  3. Scan For Leftovers: After uninstallation, press Scan to look for residual files or Registries. 
  4. Remove Files: If detected, select them > Delete > Finish. Restart PC.
    Leftover Registries In Revo
    Delete Leftover Registries In Revo (Image By Revo Uninstaller)

Other than me, multiple people used the same approach in Windows 11 Forums and immediately restored the MSI Center’s operation.

Change Startup Type

Changing the Startup Type to Automatic for all MSI-related services means you allow them to launch automatically as soon as the computer boots up. Hence, the Command Center services may also run in the background to aid a better user experience when using the software. 

When recommended on MSI Forums, it helped a user solve the same issue by restarting a specific MSI service, MSICOMM_CC. Apart from this, I also enabled other MSI services with the following technique.

  1. Access Services: Launch Run with Windows + R > Type services.msc > OK.
  2. Get To Properties: Right-click on MSI Command Center-related service > Properties.
    Accessing Service Properties
    Example Of Accessing Service Properties (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Alter Startup Type: Open General > Set the Startup Type to Automatic.
    automatic startup
    Change To Automatic Startup (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  4. Repeat For MSI Services: Do the same for all MSI-related services mentioned below.
Note: The service may consume background space on the system.

Run As Administrator

Running MSI Command Center in Administrator Mode will give it all the necessary permission to access the PC settings and files required for smooth functioning. So, I right-clicked on the MSI Command Center app and chose the Run As Administrator option.

Run As Administrator
Select Run As Administrator (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Final Words

The MSI Command Center not working is a prevalent issue, and I encountered various threads, such as Reddit, where people faced problems with the app’s startup. Additionally, different people may encounter varying messages at app startup, like the one in this thread.


MSI Center Not Working.
byu/ScoutLar inMSI_Gaming

Despite the user complaints, MSI has issued no official statements about the problem. Contacting MSI Support can be another option, but they suggest pretty general solutions that have not been very effective in eliminating the trouble.

Although the exact message may differ, the issue is more or less the same: it prevents the MSI Command Center from working. Therefore, try the quick fixes discussed above, which helped my team regain access to MSI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My MSI Command Center Not Working?

It may fail to work due to incompatibility with the computer’s motherboard, using outdated versions, or the presence of malware and viruses.

How Do I Fix MSI Command Center?

Update the software and your Operating System, change the Startup Type to Automatic, or install the necessary drivers to resolve its functioning.

How Can I Update MSI Command Center?

You can get the latest updates from the official MSI website.

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