Final Fantasy 16 Will Now Receive Day-One Patch

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U-Turn From No Day-One Patch!

Final Fantasy 16 is just a few days from its release, and the hype is currently at an all-time high. The latest Demo received a positive reception from the fandom as it featured the first 2 hours of the game but failed to hold a consistent 60 FPS. Fans have highly anticipated the title as it will showcase the power of PlayStation 5.

Hiroshi Takai previously revealed that Final Fantasy 16 would not have a day one patch as it will be ready to go at the launch. However, they have taken a complete U-Turn from this statement, and now in a YouTube pre-release live Stream, Naoki Yoshida, the game’s director, has confirmed that there will be a day one patch. This is to improve the performance and various issues.

Why it matters: In this generation, almost every game receives a day-one patch for polishing, but it was confirmed that Final Fantasy is well-optimized so it won’t receive one. However, this is not the case anymore, as the game is receiving a day-one patch now.

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The developers first considered the internet limitations and believed that the game should be ready to go at launch for players with not the best internet connection. At that moment, the game was still tested for bugs and glitches. So there was a possibility of it receiving a day-one patch.

The latest Demo showed some stunning visuals, and fans enjoyed them. The game is set to become the best Final Fantasy game in the franchise, as the combat has been greatly improved. The first 2 hours of the game look excellent. However, the game won’t be a rare launch anymore as it receives a day-one patch.

The hype for final fantasy 16 increased when the previews were released, and they were excellent ahead of the release. Before that, it was the best-selling game for PS5 on Amazon. However, the pre-orders of Final Fantasy 16 were much lower than expected, according to an insider.

The 1.001 patch note for Final Fantasy is the day one patch that will fix a control flag issue that can make progress impossible. It will fix the issue to prevent the game from crashing. And the rest are just some minor fixes and some enhancements in the performance.  

It was already leaked that Final Fantasy 16 will require 100GB on PS5. So, fans should ready their SSD for this massive game. Regarding the day-one patch, fans shouldn’t worry about its size as it will only be 300MB. The game is set to be released on 22 June 2023, but users already have early access as retailers manage to sell some copies.

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