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What To Do If Computer Restarts When Trying To Print?

This guide explains how to fix the issue by restarting Print Spooler service, separating power sources, and more.

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If your computer restarts when trying to print a document or a picture, it could be due to a faulty hardware connection or outdated firmware, compatibility issues between the OS and the printer, third-party app interruption, or viruses or malware hindering its working. Fret not because multiple effective solutions exist, such as power cycling the printer and updating the firmware.

Key Takeaways
  • Your computer may restart when you hit the print command to initiate printing.
  • It can occur due to multiple causes, such as corrupt or outdated firmware, unstable electrical supply, or third-party app hindrances.
  • Try running the printer troubleshooter, updating the printer drivers, and scanning for malware and viruses to fix the issue.

Method Difficulty Rating

Restart Print Spooler
Rated: 3/10

Separate Power Source
Rated: 1/10

Update Printer Firmware
Rated: 7/10

Tip: Reinstall/update the printer drivers, update Windows, power cycle the printer/PC, remove unnecessary peripherals, replace the connection cable, run Printer troubleshooter, and scan for malware and viruses before proceeding.

Inspect Print Spooler

The Print Spooler is a dedicated service in Windows OS that efficiently manages and coordinates the printing process on your system. It also queues the print jobs in the background so you can continue working in the foreground.

Setting the Print Spooler service to start automatically upon computer boot ensures seamless operation without requiring manual initiation. Moreover, restarting this service also removes any temporary glitches or corrupt data that could interfere with the process. These are the complete instructions for this method.

  1. Enter Run Code: Open Run with Windows + R > Execute services.msc.
  2. Stop Service: Find and highlight Print Spooler on the Services page > Stop the service.
    Stop Print Spooler
    Stop Print Spooler (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Alter Startup Type: Double-click Print Spooler > Choose the Startup Type as Automatic > Apply > OK.
    Automatic Startup
    Set Automatic Startup For Print Spooler (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  4. Select Printers Folder: Go to This PC > Local Disk C > Windows > System32 > Spool > Printers.
  5. Delete Printing Jobs: Select all the queued printing jobs > Delete.
  6. Restart Service: Return to Services screen > Highlight Print Spooler > Restart the service from the upper left corner.
    Restart Print Spooler
    Restart Print Spooler (Image By Tech4Gamers)

After performing the above steps, I restarted the computer and re-initiated the printing process. The computer did not restart this time, and the printing went smoothly. It is also an accepted solution in the Schneider Electric Community.

Use Separate Power Circuits

Connecting the PC and the printer on the same power circuit can cause an imbalance in their power share, mainly because the printer draws up a large power surge when processing the printing request. Consequently, use different power circuits to provide a steady power supply for each device. This simple fix also resolved the issue for a user on the Microsoft Community.

Update Your Printer’s Firmware

Firmware updates usually offer bug fixes and enhanced printer compatibility with newer features and the latest OS. If your computer restarts when trying to print, updating the firmware through the support website is one of the efficient solutions.

Following the update, I noticed faster printing performance and the elimination of the random system restarts. However, each manufacturer has different steps to update its printer’s firmware; therefore here are the steps for some of the common ones.


  1. Select Product: Head to HP’s website > Software And Drivers > Pick Printer > Enter your product’s name > Submit.
  2. Download Update File: Scroll down and expand Printer Firmware. You will see an update file if a recent firmware update is available for your printer > Download it.
    HP Update File
    Choose HP Update File (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Update Printer: Open the file once installed > Select your printer > Update.
    Press Update (Image By Tech4Gamers)


  1. Pick Canon Model: Access Canon’s website > Printers > Choose your Printer type > Pick the series.
  2. Verify Details: Scroll down and pick Software And Drivers. The site will automatically detect your OS and Windows Version. Ensure the details are correct.
    Computer Restarts When Trying To Print
    Verify OS and Version (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Download Update: Next, find the latest update file > Download it.
    Download FIle
    Download File (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  4. Upgrade Firmware: Run the file after the installation > Follow the on-screen prompts to update the firmware.


  1. Access Website: Open the Xerox website > Scroll down to Printers.
  2. Choose Printer: Select the relevant Printer series and model > Drivers And Downloads. Check the Platform box for correct information regarding your PC.
    Computer Restarts When Trying To Print
    Click On Drivers And Downloads (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Download Firmware Update: Move to the Firmware section > Accept The Terms > Download the firmware update file.
    Computer Restarts When Trying To Print
    Download The File (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  4. Open The File: Launch the installed file to update the Xerox printer’s firmware.
WARNING: Do not turn off or disconnect the printer during the firmware update..

Final Words

The problem of the computer restarting when trying to print has been around for a long time. Users across online platforms have complained about this hindrance.

Windows 10 reboots every time I try to print to a specific printer
byu/socalchris intechsupport

If none of the discussed fixes eliminate the error, there may be underlying technical issues within your printer or the computer. Let an expert technician assess it and resolve any possible problems with the device. You can also ask for a replacement if you recently purchased the printer if it fails to work according to your expectations.

If nothing works, go to the support website or a Twitter handle for your printer’s manufacturer and get assistance from the support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My PC Restart When I Try To Print?

It can be due to several reasons, including damaged hardware, incompatible OS version, and outdated printer drivers.

What Does It Indicate If Computer Restarts While Printing In Safe Mode?

It indicates that your system is possibly attacked by viruses or malware, which is tempering with the regular performance.

How Can I Quickly Prevent My Computer From Restarting While Printing?

Run the printer troubleshooter, update printer drivers, remove unrequited peripherals, and scan your PC for viruses and threats to resolve the error quickly.

Troubleshoot Other Issues On Windows:

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