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Intel MKL Fatal Error: Cannot Load MKL_Intel_Thread.dll [FIXED]

Learn how to solve the error by adding DLL folder, updating MKL or checking for apps conflict.

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The Intel MKL fatal error “cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll” is a common issue when applications relying on the Intel Math Kernel Library cannot load the necessary dynamic link library (DLL) file. The application may freeze or crash due to this issue, which can happen for several causes. Resolving this error is essential for users who rely on high-performance computing and machine-learning applications that depend on the Intel Math Kernel Library.

Key Takeaways
  • The “Intel MKL fatal error: cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll” error is common when using software that relies on the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL).
  • By fixing the MKL error, you can restore functionality and optimize workflow, but it might be technically complex for you and can encounter compatibility issues.
  • Solutions to the error include updating the Intel MKL library, checking for conflicts with other software or libraries, and adding a DLL folder.
  • An incompatibility between the Intel MKL library and the operating system can cause a fatal MKL error. Always look for the software requirements before installing.
Methods Difficulty Rating

Update Intel MKL
Rated: 4/10

Add DLL Folder
Rated: 5/10

Check For Conflicts
Rated: 5/10

Update Windows
Rated: 6/10

Intel MKL Fatal Error Cannot Load MKL_Intel_Thread.dllAfter the app freezes or crashes, you will encounter this error message.

Error Message: Cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll.

Update The Intel MKL

The Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) enhances the performance of software applications that address complex computational problems through math procedures.

When we encountered the “cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll” error, we found that one of the solutions to resolve the error was to update the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL). Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download MKL: Go to the Intel website > Search for Intel MKL library > Choose Linux or Windows > Choose architecture > Download setup.
    Download latest version of MKL
    Download MKL – Image By Tech4Gamers
  2. Install MKL: Go to your downloads > Look for the .exe or .zip setup file > Double-click on it > Follow the instructions to complete installation > Restart the system.

Test the application to see if the error has been resolved. This update will ensure your applications benefit from Intel’s latest features and improvements.

Warning: You will get this error if you don’t update project settings using the new MKL library while working on a specific project or development environment.

Add DLL Folder

When you install the Intel MKL, the installation usually does not add the folder containing the DLLs to the PATH environment variable, a system variable specifying the directories containing executable programs. We also came across the Intel Community discussing the same issue causing the error.

Not having the folder triggers the error, and by adding it to the PATH, programs can identify and utilize these libraries without specifying the complete path every time. Here is how to add the MKL DLLs to the PATH Environment Variable:

  1. Access Settings: Open the Control Panel > Go to System and Security > System > Click on Advanced system settings > Access System Properties > Click Environment Variables > to System variables > Look for User Variables list > Select PATH variable.
    Go to Path variable in settings.
    Select Path Variable – Image By Tech4Gamers
  2. Create Folder: Click on the Edit button > In the Edit Environment Variable window > Click on New > Enter the path to the folder containing the MKL DLLs > Click OK to save changes > Close Window.
  3. Save Changes: Click OK to save the changes > Close all windows > Restart system.

Check For Conflicts

Conflicting software or libraries installed on the system may interfere with the proper functioning of the Intel MKL library. This interference can cause the “cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll” error. To check for conflicts with other software or libraries, try out the following methods:

  • Dependency Checker Tools: Use specialized instruments to examine dependencies within applications. For example, Dependency Walker can find any missing or incompatible DLL files.
  • Check System Logs: You can find the conflicts in the system logs and obtain them using Window’s Event Viewer.
  • Run Diagnostics: Some software has diagnostic tools to identify conflicts with other programs or libraries.
  • Updated Versions: Always keep software and libraries updated to avoid conflicts, as new updates also come with bug patches.
  • Disable/Uninstall: It’s best to temporarily disable or uninstall any software that might interfere with the Intel MKL library. Try disabling or uninstalling the newly installed apps, after which you started getting the error.

Update Windows

You can maintain your system’s stability and performance by regularly checking updates. Updated versions always have bug fixes, security patches, or enhanced OS performance. You might have an outdated version or corrupt Windows installation, resulting in the “Cannot Load Mkl_Intel_Thread.dll” error. Updating Windows might help you get rid of this MKL error. Try this method as a last resort.

Pros & Cons

Cannot Load Mkl_Intel_Thread.dll✅Restored Functionality
✅Enhanced Stability
✅Optimized Workflow
❌Resource Consumption
❌Compatibility Issues
❌Technical Complexity

Final Verdict

The “cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll” error can significantly impact a user’s ability to run applications that rely on the Intel Math Kernel Library. This error can prevent applications from launching or running correctly. It can be frustrating for you and disrupt your workflow. The Reddit community found the cause behind the error, which is the conflict occurring after installing new apps or plugins:

Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll
byu/Migui2611 inlearnpython

You need to stay vigilant and take appropriate action to address this error and ensure the smooth operation of your computer system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the “cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll” error?

Incompatibility between the Intel MKL library and the operating system or conflict between software can cause a fatal MKL error.

Is downloading and installing DLL files from third-party websites safe for fixing the issue?

Downloading and installing DLL files from third-party websites isn’t recommended. These files could be corrupted or contain malware, posing a risk to your computer.

How can I prevent the MKL library error from occurring in the future?

To prevent the MKL library error from occurring in the future, it is important to keep your system up to date and ensure that all software is properly installed and configured.

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