Battlefield 5 Going Through Massive Resurgence With 90K Steam Players

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New All-Time Peak After Two Years!

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  • Battlefield 5 typically averages around 20K players on Steam.
  • The game is on sale for $4 in the Steam Autumn Sale, leading to a new concurrent peak on the platform.
  • On the other hand, Battlefield 2042 is sitting at around 46K concurrent players.

Battlefield 5 is the latest World War 2 first-person shooter from Dice and EA. Featuring the traditional large-scale combat from past releases, the entry offers various locations and stories from this historical battle.

With the games industry offering sales for thousands of products recently, including the PS5, Battlefield 5 is also discounted across various platforms. Following this sale, the five-year-old first-person shooter has seen a major resurgence.

Battlefield 5 has more players than ever on Steam, reaching a new peak concurrent player count.

Why it matters: The franchise has struggled after Battlefield 2042 failed due to mechanics like the specialists. However, these results highlight that there is still a lot of interest in this series.

Battlefield 5 Steam
Source: SteamDB

At the time of writing, over 90K players are engaged in large-scale warfare through the immersive maps of this title. As mentioned earlier, the game has reached a new peak, eclipsing its previous record by a few thousand players.

Though the title usually averages around 18-22K players on Steam, this is the first time in two years that it has reached such figures. The previous concurrent record of 88K players was established in November 2021.

Currently, the game is being sold at a 92% discount. For the low price of $4, Battlefield 5 is arguably a better deal than Battlefield 2042. On the other hand, the latter is also being sold at an 84% discount.

However, it has only managed to attract around 46K players, even though it went through a similar resurgence on Steam last month. Nonetheless, these numbers are encouraging for Battlefield 5, and we expect them to increase over the weekend.

Battlefield 5

Like the latest Battlefield game, this World War 2 shooter faced its fair share of criticism early on.

Due to a buggy and barebones launch, many were quick to dismiss this entry in 2018. However, with a year of updates, Battlefield 5 improved drastically and is considered one of the best of the franchise today.

We are also fond of this entry and hope Dice revisits this game to analyze what worked so well for the fandom.

While players flock to the older games, Dice is working on the next Battlefield release. This iteration is being described as a re-imagination of the IP, with the studio hoping to break new ground in the future.

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