Counter-Strike 2 Monthly Avg Player Count Drops Below 723K Players

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New Low For CS:GO/CS2 In 2023!

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  • CS:GO saw a massive spike this year after Valve announced that it would be releasing a new game for this series.
  • However, Counter-Strike 2 has been doing worse than its predecessor, leading to the worst average player counts of 2023 in the last 30 days.
  • Many players claim that this successor is inferior because of various issues that weren’t a part of CS:GO.

While Counter-Strike 2 was expected to be Valve’s biggest release in recent years, the game has quickly lost its buzz. Following up on the success of CS:GO, this game has failed to be a worthy successor after it received mixed feedback.

Last month, the game lost around 200K players after the IP’s excitement wore off. It appears players are still leaving the game, with Counter-Strike 2 recording the lowest monthly average player count in 2023.

Why it matters: CS:GO was famous as one of Steam’s biggest games. This meant that expectations were high going into its successor, but the release has had an overall negative impact on this series.

CS2 has hit its lowest average player count for the year, lower than it was before CS2 was announced
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According to data from Steamcharts, Counter-Strike 2 averaged around 723K players in the last 30 days. While these numbers are by no means disappointing, the game has done much better in previous months.

The current average can only be compared to CS:GO’s figures from January, when the game averaged around 726K monthly players. Therefore, these results may be disappointing for Valve.

Currently, the community, including the professional players, seems to share the opinion that Counter-Strike 2 is not better than its predecessor. This is also reflected in the Steam reviews, which make it Valve’s worst-rated title.

On Reddit, fans claim that the game is lacking the fun factor of previous CS titles. The game is also more difficult to run than its predecessor, which limits its player base further.

Additionally, matchmaking problems, hackers, and stuttering issues appear to be pushing players away from this game.

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On the other hand, some believe that these numbers are nothing to be worried about. According to them, CS:GO had a massive spike earlier this year, and Counter-Strike 2 has just returned to more normal figures.

Counter-Strike 2 will likely improve over time. This was a common theme with CS:GO, which became iconic due to years of feedback and updates.

However, it is disappointing that players are unable to revisit the game while they wait for Valve’s latest release to improve.

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