GTA 5 Michael Voice Actor Swatted During GTA Online Stream

Even Ned Luke Isn't Safe From Swatting!

Story Highlights
  • Ned Luke is the voice actor of one of the main protagonists of GTA 5.
  • He has begun to stream GTA 5 and GTA Online on his main YouTube channel.
  • The voice actor has seemingly been swatted in one of his most recent streams.

Ned Luke played a leading role in GTA 5. Famous for his role as Michael De Santa, the voice actor has become a major part of this franchise and recently claimed that GTA 6 would be worth the wait.

Ned Luke regularly streams GTA 5 and GTA Online as a hobby on YouTube. However, the voice actor recently faced a terrible situation during one of his streams when he was swatted.

Why it matters: Swatting has become a major problem for streamers that attract thousands of viewers since there is no telling when someone might figure out their location and call the emergency services.

During the stream, Luke was casually playing GTA Online and checking the leaderboards. Then he answered a phone call, which was enough for the viewers to realize something terrible was going on.

After putting the phone down, he said:

“Now these a***oles have swatted my house”

This statement strongly suggests that Luke has been facing such problems for a while, as it didn’t seem to surprise him much. There have been many cases with other big streamers where a person manages to find their address and swats them in a trolling attempt.

Luke has further discussed the situation, suggesting that this incident was not caused by any of the viewers or people in his GTA Online lobby. Still, streamers have become all too familiar with swatting because of the history associated with this term.


Fortunately, it seems no harm came to Ned Luke. While he didn’t outright confirm this, he posted the shrugging shoulders emoji, implying that it may not have been a big deal at the end of the day.

Nonetheless, swatting is always terrible, and it is surprising that such incidents continue to happen over and over. We believe swatting someone for no reason should be considered a crime since it can lead to grave consequences in the worst-case scenario.

Famous streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch should work with the authorities to figure out a solution to this issue since various streamers have faced mental issues due to frequent swatting attempts in the past.

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