PS5 Gets Biggest Discount Yet; $350 At Target on 24 Nov

Disc Edition At $150 Off At 12AM PT!

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  • The PS5 is normally sold for $500, but Target’s offer puts the Disc Edition at just $350.
  • This deal is expected to go live at midnight Pacific Time, but it requires Target Circle, the free rewards program.
  • It is speculated that this deal will consist of limited consoles, so users should be quick to secure a PS5.

The PS5 was launched for $500 in 2020, and the console has retained this price three years later. While Sony has raised prices in a few regions, US owners can still buy the console for $400 and $500, depending on the variant.

With the recent launch of the PS5 Slim, the Digital Edition now costs $450, bringing it closer to the price of the Disc Edition. However, with Black Friday, many had expected Sony and other outlets to offer major discounts for the console.

It appears Target is bringing the best deal, selling the PS5 for just $350.

Why it matters: Traditionally, consoles receive permanent price cuts in a few years. However, Sony has only raised prices this generation, making this offer extremely enticing for those waiting to buy the console.

First spotted on Reddit, Target’s deals of the day for 24 November appear to include the PS5 for $349.99. This deal includes the model released in 2020, but the discount being offered applies to the Disc Edition.

Therefore, Target is knocking off $150 from the $500 MSRP, making it a 30% discount. While the advertisement does not list the time this deal will go live, users on Reddit claim that the discount will be available at 12AM Pacific Time.

It is important to note that the promotion is valid only for Target Circle members. While the advertisement does not clarify whether users will be able to avail the offer online or if Target is limiting it to in-store pickups, users on Reddit suggest the latter.

It is also believed that each store will be limited to 5 consoles for this discount. Elsewhere, the PS5 Disc Edition is being sold for $450. While this discount is not as enticing, the console is currently available on Amazon for this price.

PlayStation 5 Slim

The PS5 has recently added well-reviewed games like Spider-Man 2 to its library, and there are plenty of new games lined up for 2024 and beyond. Therefore, there might be no better time to finally jump into the current generation of PlayStation.

Such discounts helped Sony achieve 75% better sales in the UK recently, so these measures will likely bring similar results in other parts of the world. PlayStation has big goals before the end of the Fiscal Year, and it might just achieve them through aggressive price cuts and similar promotions.

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